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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Fontana Technologies for precision levelling

Fontana is a company based in Crescentino (Vercelli) specialized in the design and manufacture of technologies for soil levelling. In its catalogue, the Piedmontese manufacturer can boast a wide range of modular laser-controlled levellers that can be used not only in the agricultural sector, but also in the construction sector (for levelling sheds, squares, roads and airports). The working widths vary - depending on the models - from a minimum of 1.5 to a maximum of 8 metres. The great strength of the Fontana levellers is the precision of the processing, obtained thanks to the use of lasers (the system includes a transmitter, a receiver and a control unit) that allows to automatically level simple horizontal planes or double slopes; but also transverse slopes (in this case the double pole system is used with two systems receiving the slope sensor system). The precision of the Fontana systems is now even more accurate thanks to the use of GPS technology. At Agritechnica, the Vercelli-based company is launching a new automatic hydraulic grader, which joins the laser models and exploits satellite geolocation systems. "The GPS levelers - explains Fontana srl with a technical note - facilitate operations over large surfaces; they offer top level performance even in prohibitive weather conditions such as fog, wind, sand; they detect the geomorphological characteristics of the land automatically, optimizing times and costs associated with levelling operations".

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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