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GKN-Walterscheid: debut of the Ultra Plus System cardan

by Fabrizio Sereni
November 2017 | Back

Agritechnica hosts the first showing of the new Ultra Plus System cardan, launched by the German company GKN-Walterscheid. The innovative crosslinks stand out among its characteristics. The cardan features an improved lubrication system and the “P” series blue gaskets. The ULTRA Plus System thus allows to double the joint’s life andimprove its safety of use, while maintenance and wear costs are drastically reduced. The greaser on the bushing head facilitates the greasing of the crosslinks. In addition, the new protection devices are worthy of note.With the new ST protections, both the semi-protections form a solid unit, so it is sufficient to use a retention chain. In combination with a full protective guard, the cardan is totally free of chains. Also worth mentioning is the new Walterscheid Premium tool-side shaft cone, which simplifies assembling and disassembling the cardan, as well as the maintenance of the cardan and the limiters. The shaft cone is made of high quality materials, can be removed and opened quickly, and can be reassembled in any position. In addition, we must mention the latest generation constant speed universal joint.The new 450 compact joint at 50° can be used in cases where a 50° angle of use is not exceeded. Thanks to the innovative centring system, the P450 is suitable for higher rotation speeds, provides more silence and does not require maintenance (the centring system is sealed). The combination with a standard joint, a constant speed universal joint, clutches and freewheels makes the P450 suitable for a variety of applications. Lastly, there is also news regarding clutches, since the development of the K90TF and K90/4TF disk clutches makes it possible for the user to carry out the maintenance and set the limiter’s calibration. The easy maintenance procedures and the ability to vent the limiter allow you to reduce wear and have a more constant calibration over time. The new K68/EK68 automatic limiter is silent and comes with expanded lubrication chambers and improved gaskets, so as to reduce maintenance intervals and limit dust entry and lubricant loss, thus increasing the operating life of the component.


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