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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Hydrocompact ADR, devoted to stability

The use of hydraulic suspensions, instead of the traditional leaf springs, is becoming more and more widespread on towed agricultural machines. Hydraulic suspensions provide many advantages in terms of weight distribution, especially with dynamic loads (the hydraulic circuit keeps all the actuators at the same pressure), driving comfort (one or more elastic elements, such as inert gas accumulators, can be combined with the hydraulic rigid circuit) and vehicle travel height (the fluid volume in the actuators can be changed). ADR, a Varese company based in Uboldo, boasts a long experience in the hydraulic suspension segment, having already developed the HydroEvo models with independent wheels. This know-how was the starting point for the Lombard company to enter the rigid-axle suspension sector, which takes the spotlight on the company’s stand at Agritechnica. Like the HydroEvo, these Hydrocompact suspensions are equipped with oleodynamic cylinders and do not protrude from the frame, thereby improving the machine’s stability. However, the real strength of the new ADR suspensions is the particular constructive innovation used to connect the cylinders to the axle and to the suspension arms. Thanks to the technology patented by the company from Varese, the system of forces generated in any operating condition by the vehicle’s motion does not load the axle or the suspension arms abnormally, reducing the stresses on the anchors. “This way - explains the manufacturer with a note - with Hydrocompact it becomes possible to lighten the vehicle structure, which enhances both its versatility and its ability to adapt to the characteristics of the terrain. There is another big advantage: the reduction of the drawbacks deriving from the loosening of the parts anchoring the axles to the suspension, which used to cause instability of travel and anomalous tyre wear”. Finally, we must mention the other ADR range bestsellers on show in Hanover, including the Teknoax 2.0 intelligent axle, the Variotrack axle, and the SX axle mounted on the STT suspension (combination of carrying capacity and suspension strength, and wheels interconnected with the stability and comfort typical of oscillating groups with independent axles).

by Fabrizio Sereni

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