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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Innovation and passion, key words of Argo Tractors

Argo Tractors, a group from Fabbrico (RE), a manufacturer of tractors branded Landini, McCormick and Valpadana, focused on technological development based on sustainability, in a phase of strong expansion with the acquisition of new dealers on international markets, is exhibiting at Hanover all the most innovative models. 

Under the slogan "passion for innovation", these are the Landini tractors on show at Agritechnica:

Landini Rex4. The series is available with the REX 4-120 GT models (for wide orchards), REX 4-100 S (for narrow orchards), and the REX 4-110 GE (for orchards, in platform version). Equipped with the Advanced Driving System, an innovative hybrid assisted driving system that facilitates the operator in all field and road manoeuvres and enables a connection to the satellite guidance, with powers ranging from 70 to 112 Hp with Deutz AG engines without regeneration. Engine Memo Switch is available as standard, to store and recall the engine revolutions. An all-in-one multifunction joystick can control up to 7 hydraulic distributors, while the electronic management of working hours, consumption and maintenance services can be easily monitored by the fleet manager's office via the Landini Fleet Management protocol, an IT tool that also allows remote diagnostics in real time on tractors equipped with the dedicated control unit.

Series 2. With its compact size and versatility, the vehicles are available in the standard version and GE configuration, with a platform with low floor that allows full operation in small spaces, such as greenhouses and canopied vineyards, or for urban green maintenance tasks. They have 24" rear tyres, which reduce the footprint down to 1,420 mm in width and 1,230 mm in height, and Yanmar 4-cylinder aspirated and turbo engines, with powers from 44 to 51 Hp, available in versions 2-045, 2-050, 2-055. They are equipped with a high visibility 4-post cab and a three-point linkage with a capacity of 1,200 kg.

Series 4D. Available in three models, 4-070D, 4-080D, 4-090D, with 70, 75 and 88 Hp, 4-wheel drive, platform or cab, equipped with 4-cylinder DeutzAG Tier 4 engines with Deutz Common Rail for greater power and lower consumption. Series equipped with "Made in Italy" mechanical transmission with 4 gears and 3 ranges; DT coupling with electro-hydraulic control in 4RM versions; PTOs with 1 or 2 synchronized speeds; open centre hydraulic system with a flow rate of 45 l/min. serving the lift and distributors, a rear lift with a maximum capacity of up to 3,400 kg, which on request can be equipped with the Ergonomic Lift System, for a more comfortable use of the equipment.

Series 5. A range of utility vehicles suitable for every type of work with the 100, 110 and 120 models; this is the group's response to the needs of mid-sized farms that aim to have versatile and reliable vehicle without excessive investments.  Series features: DeutzAG engines, 4-cylinder and 16-valve, 3.6-litre, Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection and EGR + DOC system; Total View Slim cab for a 360° view and maximum working comfort; 8 transmission configurations from the Speed Four with 12 FWD + 12 REV to the T-Tronic with 48 FWD + 16 REV; PTOs with 2 or 4 speeds.

Series 6H. Suitable for all types of tasks, it includes the 6-115H, 6-125H and 6-135H models with maximum power ratings of 110, 119 and 126 Hp respectively. It's equipped with 3.6-litre Tier 4 Final DeutzAG engines and a T-Tronic transmission that triples the 12-speed Speed Four gearbox, for a total of 36 + 12. Optionally, a Super Reducer can take the gears to 48 FWD + 16 REV, with a minimum speed of 310 m/h. The Reverse Power Shuttle and the De-Clutch ease reversing and engaging the gears and a potentiometer regulates the aggressiveness based on the inertial load.  

Super series. This is a range produced completely in Italy and intended for emerging markets, with engines from 75 to 106 Hp, which can be customized according to the requests of the destination countries. It's equipped with a transmission with 4 gears and 3 ranges with different configuration options: 12+4 standard, optional 12+12 with Synchro shuttle, 16+16 with creeper.


by the editorial staff

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