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iQblue connect, Lemken technology for agriculture 4.0

by the editorial staff
November 2019 | Back

Until now, the possibility of using equipment data for farm software management systems has been a complex and expensive enterprise. This is why Lemken has developed the iQblue connect technology, a kit that transforms the mechanical vehicles already in use into intelligent machines at the service of modern agriculture. When used together with the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) device, iQblue connect makes it possible to automate many mechanical functions of the equipment while integrating them into a digital communication flow. This means that the tractor can carry out operations that are "suggested" by the application. iQblue connect module can be used with a wide range of tools and is connected to the tractor via the ISOBUS interface. The communications take place via the GPS module and a mobile communication device. The data is then transmitted via the universal Agrirouter platform, which allows information to be exchanged between mechanical vehicles, farmers, contractors and software applications. Lemekn's technology involves the installation of a sensor on the tool, and this sensor detects operational information and transmits it to the iQblue connection module. No other devices are needed because - explains the manufacturer - the tractor is used to control the functions of the application. The first version of iQblue was used on ploughs to establish the processing width. Using GPS, iQblue determines the working width to be achieved and transmits this information to the tractor which, in turn, begins to adjust itself compared to the target set by the device. The Lemken technology was also used on board semi-mounted cultivators to define the working depth. In the near future, it will be possible to use iQblue on a wider range of equipment. It should be noted that a single iQblue module can be easily transferred from one application to another, reducing management costs to a minimum and significantly reducing the return on investment time frame.

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