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Kverneland, leading the way with harrows and cultivators

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

On the Kverneland stand at the Bologna event, the spotlight is on Qualidisc, a new generation of disc harrows, offered in Farmer and Pro versions and represented at EIMA 2022 by the 4 meters Qualidisc PRO model with Actipack roller. Among the innovations introduced by the Scandinavian manufacturer on this line of machines, first of all the new arrangement of the disc sections, which improves penetration and offers a complete cut of the soil surface (especially in dry conditions) in addition to levelling on each side. The conical disc, on the other hand, which has proved to be one of the strongest on the market, has remained unchanged. Kverneland offers a wide choice of rear rollers on the Qualidisc range. On the 4001 Pro model, for example, there are cage rollers, double cage rollers, Actiring, Actipack or Actiflex and the new Actipress. Soil consolidation is very important to ensure good seed-soil contact for rapid seed germination in all conditions. In order to improve soil flow, Kverneland has redesigned the side deflectors, designing them in such a way as to prevent ridges from forming, especially in conditions of high residue levels such as maize stover, increasing the distance between rows to 900 mm in order to avoid possible flooding of the machine and still ensure optimum levelling. Another innovation is the star-shaped outer disc, which increases levelling performance even on very light or sandy soils. All Qualidisc models are approved up to 40 km/h in Europe and can be combined with a-drill, which is available with hopper capacities of 200 and 500 litres (it has a separate metering device for applying seed as a cover crop in a single pass). Kverneland has also expanded its cultivator range, adding a towed model: the Enduro Pro T in working widths of 4 to 5 metres, is suitable for medium-sized farms. In particular, the Enduro Pro T model with 3 rows of tines performs tilling, levelling and consolidation in a single pass. The tine spacing of 280 mm, the 750 mm row spacing and the high ground clearance of 870 mm allow good mixing and finishing without the risk of clogging. Working depths of up to 35 cm are possible with Enduro Pro. To further extend the wide roller selection, the Enduro Pro T in addition to the Actipack can be combined with the new Actipress Single, Actipress Twin and Double cage rollers. Furthermore, by adding the new levelling harrow, an even surface with fine soil is achieved. The Enduro Pro T is offered with two types of tines that can be equipped with a wide choice of points (with or without carry-over) and with Knock-on points that are ideal for adapting to different working depths and tasks.


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