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Mariateresa Maschio president of FederUnacoma

The CEO of Mascar, Mariateresa Maschio, is the Federation's first female president. Elected last 3 July, she takes over from Alessandro Malavolti, who has led the association for the past six years. The senior positions of the associations that are part of FederUnacoma were also renewed

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The General Assembly of FederUnacoma, the association that within Confindustria represents agricultural machinery manufacturers, elected on 3 July Mariateresa Maschio as its new president, who takes over from Alessandro Malavolti, in office since 2017. CEO of Mascar, a Vicenza-based company specialising in the production of haymaking and sowing technologies, Mariateresa Maschio is the first woman president of FederUnacoma. Graduated in Public Relations at the IULM in Milan, mother of two daughters, the new president has already held the position of councillor of the Federation and actively participated in the life of the association.

Today, the General Meeting, which was held in the Palazzo di Varignana (Bologna), also assigned the offices of the seven industry associations that are part of the Federation.

Carlo Linetti of Cobo Spa and Matteo Zucchelli of Trimble Italia Srl, were respectively elected president and vice-president of AGRIDIGITAL, the association of manufacturers of digital systems and technologies for agricultural machinery and production; while Alex Donzelli, Ocmis Irrigazione Spa, and Jacopo Fratus De Balestrini, Irrimec Srl, were elected president and vice-president of ASSOIDROTECH, the group of irrigation system manufacturers. Paolo Zama of Falc Srl and Guido Rossi of Nobili Spa are the new president and vice-president of ASSOMAO, the association of agricultural equipment manufacturers; Giampaolo Barbieri of Barbieri Srl and Francesco Roghi of Bcs Spa president and vice-president of ASSOMASE, the body representing manufacturers of self-propelled machinery. The top positions at ASSOTRATTORI, the tractor manufacturers' association, were also renewed, whereAndrea Merlo (Merlo Spa) and Giovanni Esposito (Argo Tractors Spa) were elected as leaders, while COMACOMP (components and spare parts manufacturers) which saw the election of Fausto Mazzali (Serigrafia 76) and Andrea Ferrari (Walvoil Spa). For COMAGARDEN, the association of manufacturers of gardening machinery and equipment, Lo­renzo Peruzzo of Peruzzo Srl and Alberto Campello of Stiga Spa were e­lected, respectively.

"FederUnacoma's sphere of activity includes the political context," said newly-appointed President Ma­riateresa Maschio, "and the economic context, in which our sector is set.  Never as in this phase has the scenario in which companies find themselves operating appeared so complex and evolving, and managing com­­plexity is the task of a representative system like ours. I strongly believe in the value of associationism and will do my best to adequately represent our industry".


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