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Anno 2019 Numero 12

December 2019

Maschio Gaspardo, a complete range for India

The Italian manufacturer has developed products in line with the needs of Indian agriculture, even if the production carried out locally is partly intended for foreign markets. The VIRAT rotary tiller, specific for horticulture and fruit growing but also for greenhouses, was awarded by the jury of ITOTY

Maschio Gaspardo, an Italian manufacturer of soil tillage equipment, green maintenance, sowing, fertilization, crop protection and haymaking, arrived in India less than 10 years ago. 2010 marked the start of a collaboration with Mahindra & Mahindra for the supply of tillers and rototillers. The following year its production plant was opened in Pune, in the state of Maharashtra, one of the areas with the highest agricultural activity in the country.The production of the Indian branch is mainly focused on the equipment for soil processing (hoes, cutters and ploughs) and on the maintenance of green spaces. It occupies an area of 25,000 square metres, of which 15,000 are covered.The products are mostly intended for the domestic market, but in recent times exports to Asian countries are also giving interesting signs of growth.

Counting the factory staff, research and development, sales force and technical support, the associates connected to the Indian factory of Maschio Gaspardo are more than four hundred. The branch in India is fully integrated into the local market, and produces an average annual turnover of 33 million euros.

To reaffirm the will to be there, in 2014 the brand began creating a dealer network, which was well structured very quickly, so that today it has more than 300 dealers which cover the demand from 17 States. However, Maschio Gaspardo’s projects in India are not stopping here: last year saw the inaguration of a new warehouse next to the production plant, a training Academy, and a Commercial office in Pune (World Trade Center). Since its debut, Maschio Gaspardo has chosen to be present on the Indian market with a complete range of products, from tillage to haymaking, always maintaining high quality and production standards. And all this without forgetting the specific needs of the Indian market, so much so that a dedicated research and development team is always focused on developing products that can help and simplify the work of local farmers and that can meet the specific requirements of Indian agriculture.

The best seller of the Pune plant is undoubtedly the VIRAT rotary tiller, introduced in the Indian market in 2014, specifically designed for the different types of local soil and agriculture. A sturdy rotary tiller, it has constructive aspects and features typical of high-end models, such as the 4-speed gearbox, the universal transmission coupling with clutch, 6 helical blades for each flange, and the amphibious mechanical seals on the bearing support to guarantee reliability in every situation. It is suitable for professional horticulture and fruit growing, but it is also the ideal machine for small farms and greenhouses. In just five years, the VIRAT rotary tiller has become an “iconic product” of the local market, so much so that it has won two awards: as part of the first edition of ITOTY 2019 (Indian Tractor of The Year), it was awarded the title of “Rotovator of The Year” and “Implement of The Year”


by Emanuela Stifano

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