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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

New Holland: maximum productivity with the CX7 and CX8 combine harvesters

The stage reserved for great occasions: the Agritechnica event. This is where New Holland presents the restyling of the CX7 and CX8 combine harvesters, redesigned with performance in mind. The new Ultra-Flow offset profile 32-bar beater improves threshing and increases the combine harvester's capacity. Also new, the controls that allow the operator to manage both the Rotary Separator grid (the rotary separator) and the opening of the pre-sieves and the sieves (upper and lower) from the cab, as well as the selection of the chopping or windrowing mode. These features supplement technologies that are very popular in this sector because they aim to increase productivity, such as the Opti-Speed self-adapting variable speed straw walkers, or the SmartTrax rubber tracks, and Opti-Fan, Opti-Clean and Opti-Spread for optimizing waste management and cleaning. The restyling includes the new colour of the grain tank, which is yellow to improve visibility from the cab and to facilitate the quality control on the grain. But the touch-ups also affected the Harvest Suite Ultra cab, which focuses ever more decisively on ergonomics, quietness and comfort, while automotive-inspired interiors feature a modern dark grey colour scheme. These are some of the winning technologies that New Holland has introduced on its combines.

Ultra-Flow offset profile beater. The CX7 and CX8 range already uses New Holland's four-cylinder technology with a 750 mm diameter beater, which gently and completely shells the product while preserving the quality of the straw. Today, New Holland further improves the threshing performance of this range with the new optional Ultra-Flow beater with a offset profile, which presents as many as 32 shelling bars offset on the beater. Thanks to this technology, the beater ensures a more regular crop flow, a quieter operation and less flooding; furthermore, according to the manufacturer's data, it uses 16% less threshing power, thus also limiting fuel consumption, and increases productivity (up to 10% more, says New Holland). The beater is suitable for all types of small seeds and can also be configured for corn. For activities where grain quality is of primary importance, New Holland offers an optional kit with a low-speed beater that allows the operator to lower the speed of the beater to reduce the percentage of broken grains to a minimum.

Improvement of waste management performance. The CX7 and CX8 range is equipped with a new double-disc chaff spreader that spreads the chaff uniformly over the entire width of the head. The operator can now control the speed of the chaff spreader and the spreading direction from the cab based on crop or weather conditions and switch from shredding to swathing or vice versa at the touch of a button.

Compliance with Stage regulations. On the CX7 and CX8 range, New Holland introduces ECOBlue HI-eSCR 2 technology to ensure compliance with Stage V emissions regulations. This solution reduces emissions while maintaining fuel efficiency. The maintenance-free HI-eSCR2 post-treatment system developed by FPT Industrial reduces operating costs to a minimum and offers the additional advantages of compact size, lack of EGR and simple configuration.


by Giovanni M. Losavio

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