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New Holland's new ranges

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2022 | Back

As always, New Holland's stand (this year present in Hall 14) at EIMA 2022 is full of new products and interesting highlights. In the spotlight, most of all is the ProBelt range of variable chamber round balers designed to process a high number of bales. ProBelt is available in two models, ProBelt 165 and ProBelt 190 (the number indicates the maximum bale diameter in centimeters), offered in 3 versions:  Superfeed, CropCutter 13, and CropCutter 25-with no-knife feeding rotor, 13-knife feeding and cutting rotor, and 25-knife feeding and cutting rotor, respectively. The bottom of the rotor can be hydraulically opened and features an active suspension system that can detect the load on the bottom and warn the operator when the machine is close to reaching its limit. ProBelt round balers consist of a 5-rod pickup driven on both sides and protected from overloading by a dedicated clutch (thus reducing intervention time for possible flooding). Connection to the tractor is extremely simple: Using a hydraulic valve, which allows the selection of the function to be implemented on the machine (pick up and lowering, rotor bottom lifting and lowering, knife engagement and disengagement), only two double-acting spool valves are in fact required to control all the functions of the round baler. The transmission's core is the new TwinDrive box that splits the transmission into both sides of the machine, optimizing its effectiveness. A further advantage of the ProBelt models is the oversized chains, which are more resistant to stress, and the bearings are located outside for easy inspection and maintenance. ProBelt balers are all ISOBUS and can be controlled from the tractor monitor or through an Intelliview IV monitor exclusively dedicated to the baler. Other new features from New Holland include the restyling of the TK series, which now has 15 tractors, offered in "special" versions for working in vineyards and orchards, standard open fields, and mountains, all available with or without a cab.   Special models have 80 horsepower declined in 3 different versions - F, N and V with a 3.4-liter F34 Common Rail engine - and differ in working width (from a minimum of 1,150 mm to a maximum of 1,450 mm). Meanwhile, standard open field and mountain models feature 3 power ranges-90, 100 and 110 horsepower delivered by a 3.6-liter F36 common-rail powerplant and are equipped with a safety frame. Transmissions are still offered in 8+8-speed versions and 16+8 when having the super-reducer, with synchronized gears and reversers with manual engagement. On the new-generation TKs, both the single-lever "Steering-O-Matic" technology for directing the tractor and the "Steering-O-Matic Plus" device for one-handed clutch and travel direction are available. High performance is also provided by the dual- or triple-pump hydraulic system, which can power 3 to 5 rear spool valves and a rear linkage with a capacity of about 3,500 pounds. Lift-O-Matic Plus technology allows the implement to be fully raised or lowered quickly while maintaining position and draft settings. New Holland has provided different types of tracks on these models: Besides the classic metal tracks, rubber "SmartTrax" tracks can also be used, which can be interchanged in just 3 hours of work. The "SmartTrax" is characterized by a herringbone design, and the presence of internal reinforcements in the belts made of a metal skeleton and steel cables ensure stability, while the special compounds used to make the treads ensure a long life cycle. 


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