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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Novel Jack, the intelligent support foot designed by Simol


This equipment handles advanced communications with the tractor, data collection through innovative sensors, with new technologies to analyse and monitor crops, with the aim of optimizing times and consumption while ensuring sustainability. The new agriculture 4.0 applications are profoundly changing the way we design and develop agricultural machinery, starting with the components. It is in the component sector that the Emilia-based company Simol (headquartered in Luzzara, in the Reggio area) has been operating for over 50 years, a European leader in the design and production of wheels and support feet. For smart agriculture applications, Simol has developed Novel Jack, an automated hydraulic support foot, the only one that is ISOBUS certified.

Expected to debut at Agritechnica, the latest Simol creation can communicate using the ISOBUS protocol with the tractor’s Virtual Terminal (UT), which the user can use to manage the movements of the support foot, with clear advantages from the point of view of safety and productivity. Furthermore, the new technology developed by the Reggio company offers a higher lifting capacity (ISO-12140 certified) in spite of its small size. This is how Novel Jack received the Seal of Excellence certificate from the European Union under the Horizon 2020 project. Among the other Simol technologies present in Hanover, the new models conforming to the ISO-12140 certification feature prominently. These are components designed to offer the highest safety standards thanks to the implementation - in partnership with the University of Bologna - of an innovative test bench. The bench allows the Emilia-based company to design, analyse and test the telescopic supports within its own production plant, thus improving the company’s ability to create increasingly reliable products that increasingly meet the requirements of the regulations in force. Another step forward in the continuous technological development of Simol, offering unparalleled quality and safety.


by Giovanni M. Losavio

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