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Quality components signed Annovi Reverberi

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2019 | Back

At Agritechnica, spotlight on the new Annovi Reverberi modular low pressure pumps, suitable for weeding at high flow rates (up to 750 litres per minute). The components have anodized aluminium heads and circuits, 145 Blueflex membranes, and plastic valves (the springs are made of 316 stainless steel) to reduce noise.

The other notable technical features include the roller and ball bearings, the Geomet fasteners, and the internal oil bath mechanics that allow a low and easy maintenance of the pump.

The Annovi Reverberi stand also hosts the high-pressure, high-resistance nickel-plated pumps (the parts in contact with liquids are made of nickel-plated aluminium and AISI 303/304), the ideal pumps in combination with jets and nozzles by Valvolmeccanica, another company part of the Annovi Reverberi Group.

Membranes in NBR, HPDS, Desmopan, Viton or BlueFlex; seals in NBR; screws with galvanic zinc treatment; these are the main construction benefits of these models, without forgetting the plug for draining the liquid from the circuit before winter storage and the pressure relief valve with reset. Among the other innovations launched in Hanover by the famous Modena-based company, the AR Blue Clean two-motor pressure washer with patented Annovi Reverberi DTS system stands out for modulating performance using two powerunits. The Eco Mode is recommended for light washing and saving water, while the fast cleaning mode provides higher performance (up to 50% more than a normal pressure washer). The first pressure washer in the world with two built-in motors and two pumps that allow it to exceed 800 l/h.

Finally, with regard to the world of weeding centrifuges with high flow rates and low pressure, we must mention the new ACE FMC-75SP-HYD-204 self-priming centrifugal pump and the models with the patented Oasis Technology system, to prevent problems related to dry running.

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