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Slanzi Oleodinamica, the new brake valve

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back


At EIMA International 2018 the great news of Slanzi Oleodinamica, a company specialized in the manufacture of components based in Novellara (Reggio Emilia), is a universal trailer brake valve. The new component has been designed to offer the maximum versatility of use and to meet the European regulation EU RVBR 2015/68. In accordance with this legislation, all vehicles fitted for towing must be equipped with a hydraulic or pneumatic trailer braking valve, with braking curves (given by the ratio between the braking rate of the machine and the pressure on the valve joint to which the trailer must be connected) different from those provided for traditional single-line valves. The manufacturer specifies, with a technical note, that according to European standards the pressure on the joint must be lower than that normally used for single-line trailers on the market for years. But in this way - explains the manufacturer - the single-line trailer connected to a double-line valve causes a loss in braking power.  And this is precisely why the company from Novellara has designed a valve able to automatically change the pressure on the joint (depending on the type of trailer connected), thus optimizing the braking power. The new valve signed by Slanzi Oleodinamica, also available in the version for tractors over 40 Km/h (it manages the emergency braking in a proportional modular way), can be configured both for tractors with LS pump, and for tractors with an open circuit pump. 



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