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Technologies for sowing by MC Elettronica

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2019 | Back

Previewed at Agritechnica 2019, MC Elettronica will present a new complete monitoring technology for seed drills, USC-PRO, able to manage a wide range of operations, such as the passage of seeds (thanks to the PRO-SEEDER photocell which allows setting the number of seeds per hectare and eliminating the calibration of the seeder), the distribution in proportion to the forward speed (DPA - using an electric motor power supply) and the tram-line function through GPS systems (function based on the PRO-VALVE electric motorized valve).

Another new product at MC Elettronica is the ESD device (Electronic Seed Driver System), with which it is possible to electrify all the seeding distributors (one per individual row) and the micro-granulators for fertilizer, using Brushless motors. With this technology - as stated in a manufacturer’s technical note - it is possible to sow at variable rates, obtaining a more precise and uniform sowing, without overlapping, closing the sowing rows autonomously with the aid of GPS. Moreover, thanks to this system, the OEM will be able to design new seed drills capable of increasing the working speed up to a maximum of 18 kilometres per hour. The ESD system is equipped with the universal UNI-SEEDER photocell which, using sophisticated digital analysis techniques, can identify very small and fast seeds, distinguishing them from dust.


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