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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

The Stylo line of 76 I.G.E.

The 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution is “an industry at the service of industry”, active in the productive fabric of Reggio Emi­lia (the headquarters are in Montecchio Emilia) for 40 years. That is, ever since two companies specializing in the graphic sector of adhesives and decoration - Superscreen of Giancarlo Mammi and Serigrafica Reggiana of Iones Boniburini - merged to create what was then called Serigrafia 76. It kept that name until 2018, when the change of name and logo marked an evolutionary path aimed at the constant consolidation in the market of machinery and industrial vehicle decoration. The presence of the Montecchio company at Agritechnica is a logical consequence of this entrepreneurial strategy; in Hanover, the Emilian creative team presents the main graphic solutions developed by 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution for the agricultural sector. Above all, we note the range of 3D logos, including the “Stylo” line based on a technology that reproduces small logos and text with a high quality finish and eye-catching effects to increase the aesthetic result. The Stylo line joins the three-dimensional solutions made by the Emilia-based company in kromex, an ideal technique for indoor and outdoor solutions that offers a particularly appealing look (the design is “metallic”, very resistant in outdoor environments) and low costs on large volumes. “Stylo and Kromex - the manufacturer explains with a note - are part of the ‘premium badging’ range of 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution. By selecting the most advanced technologies available, this line is aimed at the development of customized solutions that can improve the final impact of the graphic project as well as the brand awareness of the client companies”.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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