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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

The top models by the McCormick brand

On the stand of the multinational Argo Tractors at Agritechnica, the McCormick brand is in the foreground with a series of tractors notable for power, technology and design.  

The main news is the McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive Stage V, candidate for the Tractor of the Year 2020, whose winners will be announced in Hanover.

Thanks to its 240 hp, the new tractor is the most powerful among the five that make up the series, starting from 180 Hp, all with Stage V engine emissions. Equipped with a 6-cylinder Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engine, 24 valves and 6.7 litres, it expresses a maximum torque value of 983 Nm at 1400 rpm with Power Plus system, for a maximum power combined with fuel savings and less tractor wear. On the anti-pollution front, it is also equipped with SCR, Selective Catalyst Reduction - with 52-litre AdBlue tank - and DOC (Diesel Oxidation Cathalizer) - passive oxidation catalyst - to reduce harmful emissions. Another innovation is the 4-stage continuously variable VT-Drive transmission with 4 sets of planetary gears with oil-bath clutches that allow speeds from a minimum of 0.04 km/h to a maximum of 50 km/h, promoting productivity for every type of processing.  The EasyPilot multifunction armrest integrates in the joystick up to 5 MyFunctions programmable buttons, which allow the operator to decide the functionalities according to his needs. The new steering column can be tilted electrically. Ready for satellite navigation and Isobus connections, it can be integrated with the McCormick Fleet Management system,which allows you to manage a fleet of tractors and have real-time information on the processed surface area, geo-positioning and data such as fuel consumption and hours worked, directly on the fleet manager's computer. On the design front, the X7.624 VT-Drive boasts a new look for the bonnet and the roof, the latter equipped with 12 work lights positioned to offer 360 degree visibility even during night work. In total, up to 20 work lights are available.

The other highlighted models in Hanover are:

McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive Stage V, with new roof and bonnet in line with the McCormick family feeling and with P6-Drive 6-speed Powershift transmission and 5 ranges and available in two versions: Premium, equipped with a 160 l/min CCLS closed centre hydraulic system, 8 electro-hydraulic distributors with a 3-way flow divider capable of managing three hydraulic movements using a single distributor; DSM touchscreen 12" monitor that can move a rear/front camera and the Advanced HMF management for optimal management of all headland operations. The Efficient setup stands out from the previous one for the presence of an 88 L/min open centre hydraulic system as standard.

The McCormick X8 VT-Drive Stage V is available in three power variants, 264, 286 and 310 hp, delivered by 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency 6.7 litre engines, which employ an electronically controlled variable geometry eVGT turbocharger and SCR exhaust gas post-treatment system. An element that features strongly on the vehicle is the four-stage continuously variable transmission with speeds of 40km/h ECO at 1,300 rpm and 50km/h ECO at 1,600 rpm.   The Isobus certified system comes standard with a dedicated menu included in the DSM 12" touchscreen monitor.  

The X8 VT-Drive also includes the new roof with up to 12 LED work lights on a total of 20.

The McCormick X6.4 offers power ratings of 121, 133 and 140 hp with 4-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency engines with 4,500 cm3, Tier 4 Final emissions, with SCR gas post-treatment system, and offers various transmission options: VT-Drive (3-stage continuous variation) and Powershift with 3 speeds under load (48 + 16 with Creeper). With a weight of 5,200 kg and a maximum permissible load of 8,500 kg, the tractor - characterized by a 2.54 m wheelbase and 34" and 38" rear tyres - is a heavy duty utility vehicle combined with front linkage and front loader, ideal for livestock and seeding.

The McCormick X6.55, with a 3.6-litre Tier 4 Final DeutzAG engine and maximum power of 126 hp, has two types of transmission with hydraulic reverser - 12+12 or 36+12 with HML - a hydraulic circuit with 6,000 kg lifting capacity. Other models in the range are the X6.45 and the X6.35 with 119 and 110 hp with maximum rear wheel available from 34" to 38". Optional features: suspension with two mechanical cab points, suspended front axle, provision for Isobus systems and satellite guidance assistance.

The McCormick X5 is compact, with 2.36 m wheelbase, 3,800 kg weight, and 34" rear tyres, making ideal for various farm tasks. Available in the 99, 107 and 113 hp models, it features 3.6 litre Tier 4 Interim DeutzAG engines with only DOC catalyst and a 12+12 transmission with optional Hi-Lo and creeper, mechanical or hydraulic reverser, and a powerful 60 l/min hydraulic system.  The rear lift can be controlled from the ELS (Ergonomic Lift System) and offers a lifting capacity of 4,500 kg.



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