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THOR, safe log splitter

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2021 | Back

The Cuneo-based company Ricca Andrea & C. SNC (headquartered in Busca) presents the innovative "System-LEADER EVOLUTION" technology on its Thor log splitters. This has been developed starting from the "System-LEADER" control that allows to operate mechanically the blade descent until the contact with the trunk, keeping one or both hands free (depending on the model and machine configuration), without any risk for the operator. Once the piece has been centred and locked in the desired position, the two control levers are activated to carry out the splitting operation.

Designed as an evolution of, but not a replacement for, the previous system, "System-LEADER EVOLUTION" (a patent of the Piedmontese manufacturer) offers the same guarantees as "System-LEADER" in terms of safety with the addition of an advanced electrical control device that makes the machine even easier to use and more productive in terms of performance and working speed. The official debut of the "System-LEADER EVOLUTION" technology - planned for the MAGIK 13 - 18 and 20 tonne series with a maximum splitting height of 124 centimetres - is expected next spring when it will be fitted to the new models from the Cuneo-based company. Active in the forestry and agricultural machinery sector for over 40 years, the Cuneo-based manufacturer has always been prized for the quality of its machines.

Production takes place exclusively in the Busca plant with components made in the European Union. The machines manufactured by Ricca Andrea & C. SNC are certified by European audit bodies.


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