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Top performance with Metalsecure tow hooks

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2022 | Back

At EIMA International, the Brescia-based company Metalsecure (based in Coccaglio) showcased a full range of towing systems suitable for all agricultural tractors. Highlighted in the Lombard manufacturer's exhibition spaces were highly customizable hitch frames (Slider), fixed-pivot hooks type-approved according to the Mother Regulation, swivel hooks (Swivel) with towability values from 40 kN to 100 kN, and the new AKK80 ball hook. "The latter, also offered in a version with Piton Fixe, offers high towing capacity with a D-value of 105 kN and a vertical load S of 4,000 kg. As Alessandro Olivari, technical manager of the Lombard company, explains, "Its Standard 140x80 flanging makes it one of the best performing hooks in its category. For the fixed-pivot hook categories used in the Italian market, Metalsecure offers approved systems for vehicles over 40km/h. Also of note, among the innovations presented by the Brescia-based company at the Bologna expo is the innovative series of sliding slides with a rubber-coated molded steel handle to optimize hook movement inside the frame and ease maintenance operations. The sliding slides designed by Metalsecure are compatible with the hitch frames of all tractors. They range in size from a width of 274 mm up to 389 mm with hitch pins with a diameter of 22 or 25 mm and are suitable for all flanged towbars with 140x80 or 120x55 holes. 


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