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Anno 2019 Numero 11

November 2019

Walterscheid, 100 years of innovation

“Power. Passion. Innovation. The best solutions for 100 years”. This is the claim chosen by the German company Walterscheid - now part of the Walterscheid Powertrain Group - to celebrate the centenary of its founding, precisely during Agritechnica. The Cologne-based company (Germany) celebrates this anniversary in style, presenting some important product innovations. We start with the K65/6 model, a damping clutch for torque peaks over 3000 Nm, characterized by an ultra-compact size to offer top-level performance. However, the Walterscheid damping clutch is also popular because it does not require maintenance or lubrication, to the benefit of operating costs. In the segment of three-point hitches, the Cologne brand launches the latest generation of lateral hydraulic stabilizer, the HGST. “The tractors equipped with this device - the manufacturer explains with a note - can travel on the road or move in the fields without the risks associated with recoils and play that are normally present in mechanical systems”. In fact, the HGST allows the transition between floating and rigid position regardless of the lifting height and the length of the lower arms. With the latest version, the transition from Cat 2 to Cat 3 can be managed through a limiter that prevents the possible interference between the lower arm of the tractor and the rear wheel. Moreover, the larger diameter of the component ensures top performance. The Walterscheid stand features prominently the Smart & Connected technology that allows the integration of the most important transmission components with a sensor network capable of collecting and transmitting data in real time to a remote monitoring and diagnosis device. The information thus obtained can be used to improve transmission efficiency, identify excessive workloads, and avoid machine downtime due to wear. This results in an increased operational efficiency of the machine.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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