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Zanon, a range of products for every function

by Emanuela Stifano
October 2021 | Back

Zanon presents four of its top products at EIMA, starting with the CST tool holder. It is available in single and dual versions, rear or front, which makes it possible to use multiple implements with just one machine, making it the ideal tool for keeping the ground grassed during the ripening season, thinning out the shoots in the spring-summer period or tamping the soil before and after fertilising the under-row.

All models can be fitted with the 4.0 control unit, which not only allows access to the values measured by the sensors (e.g. temperature, oil pressure, etc.) but also, via a customised cloud platform and GPS control system, allows work data to be collected and analysed from a computer or device. Viper SV 45 is the silent (48 V brushless motor), fast, ergonomic and lightweight carbon electronic shear. It is completed by a wireless protection system with two gloves (one left and one right) made of conductive fabric that prevent the scissor blade from closing when it comes into contact with the glove, thus avoiding injuries. At the Bologna stand there is also the KARBONIUM PRO electronic harvester, the latest Zanon model: the innovative telescopic carbon rod and the new (patented) rod fixing system offer manageability, versatility and high performance.

Finally, THM-PRO, the multi-purpose embankment mulcher with external transmission, which, compared to the TMH model, has a larger rotor with hammers or blades with M16 screw, rounded anti-binding side, new bearing system to support the roller, anti-wear on the body, floating body for optimal adherence to the ground, and larger transmission box for models 2200 and 2400.


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