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Alliance A585, a versatile tyre

by Emanuele Bredice
March - April 2019 | Back

Conceived for a wide range of applications on bare soil as well as hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, the new Alliance A585 tyre, presented at the latest SIMA in Paris, is ideal for telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders and compact loaders.

The design with steel belts offers excellent puncture resistance, and the reinforced sides prevent damage caused by material with sharp edges such as gravel. The special tread compounds, together with the accentuated anti-slip groove and a better ratio of rubber to empty, guarantee resistance to cuts and wear.

“More and more farmers are opting for multi-purpose applications - explains in a corporate note Gilad Horovitz, in his capacity as Innovation Technology & Product Development Engineer ATG - with particular regard to efficiency. Therefore, the number of farmers investing in storage solutions is increasing and they are trying to reduce the work phases. At the same time, small farms try to consolidate or transfer work to contractors. There is therefore a clear trend towards a versatile combination of agricultural and industrial operations, with the related machinery. The brand new A585 is a perfect example of a tyre developed to respond to this trend”. The new Alliance 585 models are already available in six sizes: 460/70R24; 500/70R24; 400/70R20; 440/80R24; 340/80R18; 400/70R18.

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