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Faza: quality and resistance of the Plutone subsoiler

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2017 | Back

The Plutone modular subsoiler built by Faza was among the players in the EIMA Show of demonstration trials of soil preparation. The Plutone by the manufacturer in Città di Castello in the Province of Perugia is designed with high quality for agricultural practices increasingly oriented toward the integration of mechanics, automation and remote control.

To ensure top quality Faza assembles their subsoiler using highly resistant anti-wear materials with great tolerance in encountering stress, often considerable for this type of implement in daily operations. For the same reason of quality, the Umbrian manufacturer equips each subsoiler shank with a safety share bolt. On request by the end-user, the Plutone series machines can be equipped with a double spiked rear caged roller, with disc sections and cage rollers with hydraulic or mechanical registration, clod cutting hoes, lateral bulkhead and modular wheels. 

The Faza subsoilers are available on the market in various versions for the medium to low power range beginning with a minimum of 40 Hp up, according to the model, to 300 Hp. Due to the variable number of shares for the entry level machine and seven for the top of the series, the modular Plutone with a number of shares which varies from two of the entry level and seven of the top the series.




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