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Anno 2021 Numero 3-4

March - April 2021

MicronAir, high protection air filters

EN 15695 aims to ensure healthy air inside the cabs of self-propelled tractors and sprayers used in agriculture and forestry, limiting the operator's exposure to hazardous substances when applying plant protection products (PPP) or liquid fertilisers.

The standard sets out specific requirements that correspond with the classification of cabin filters, identifying four different categories, with the fourth category offering the highest protection. For this category of products, the German group Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can boast a line designed to provide the operator with all the protection required during "risky" operations. The category 4 "premium" MicronAir cabin air filter made by the German company has been designed with a coordinated multi-stage filtration system, which adds a single layer of high-performance activated carbon in the final filtration phase.

MicronAir is a range of high-efficiency filters," explains the German company, "which, in addition to offering optimum protection from dust and aerosols, can also prevent contamination of the cabin with substances that are very harmful to the operator's health. The MicronAir filters are tested in accordance with EN 15695 by independent institutes. After its design, development and experimental verification of performance, the filter first goes through the vehicle manufacturer's internal approval process, and then goes through the formal machine approval process.

The filtration category, which varies according to the application, is specified on the filter label.

by Fabrizio Sereni

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