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Air and Protector 100 cabins by Antonio Carraro

by Emanuele Bredice
April - May 2020 | Back

New cabins for Antonio Carraro tractors. We are talking about the Air and Protector 100 models, fitted on the R Series and the Tony range, produced directly in the Venetian company’s factories.

The Air cabin can be mounted on Mach R rubber tracked vehicles, on TRX, SRX, TRG 10900 R and on the Tony range, and is ROPS and FOPS approved. It’s pressurized to keep the passenger compartment completely protected from any dust, gas and aerosols during the treatments. It uses activated carbon filters, and the Aircontrol device, which monitors the hermetic seal of the passenger compartment and the pressurization through an indicator, is located on the dashboard.

Its compact structure makes it easy to use in narrow spaces, even in thick vegetation, without causing any damage. Despite the cabin’s small size, the operator can easily move inside it, with an excellent freedom of movement for arms and legs. In addition, the large window provides broad visibility while working, and a porthole at the lower limb level offers visibility of the roadway. The powerful LED lighting, both internal and external, makes it possible to work even at night. The general comfort of the Air cabins is completed by: ventilated heating system; integrated air conditioning; excellent soundproofing; decoupling of the passenger compartment from the tractor body, which minimizes vibrations and makes the machine quieter.

The Protector 100 is the “super low” cabin that can be fitted on the TGF 10900 R (a tractor with a lowered chassis), with the same features and comforts as the Air model. It is ideal for working in low rows (vineyards), in parrals, in greenhouses, in “Y” orchards and on slopes, and in all passes under low foliage. With this low profile cabin, the TGF is only 174 cm tall at its highest point. Combined with the extremely tapered and streamlined profile, without any corners, it makes the cabin-equipped tractor perfect for sliding and moving easily under and among the vegetation.

It is the only low cabin on the market with Category 4 certified pressurization. The Protector 100 also has excellent 360° visibility, even at the rear, where the rear window provides a view of the tools and the front portholes give a view of the wheels. Despite its small size, the interior also comfortably accommodates large operators. The shuttle lever on the TGF is positioned on the right, and the central tunnel is completely free, facilitating access and movement inside the cabin. The Protector 100 is equipped with the same comforts as the Air cabin.


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