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Year 2023 Number 7-9


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Agricultural machinery: turnover of Italian industries on the rise

Demand for tractors, operating machinery, equipment and components remains at good levels, but turnover is growing beyond all expectations due to the sharp rise in prices. The value of Italian exports increases by 16.7% and pushes national production to 15.5 billion euro
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The Italian market holds in the first half of the year, declines expected in the second half

Sales figures show a drop for tractors and growth for other types, but registrations partly refer to vehicles booked in 2022. The 4.0 incentives, which have greatly boosted purchases in recent years, are running out
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Mariateresa Maschio president of FederUnacoma

The CEO of Mascar, Mariateresa Maschio, is the Federation's first female president. Elected last 3 July, she takes over from Alessandro Malavolti, who has led the association for the past six years. The senior positions of the associations that are part of FederUnacoma were also renewed
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FederUnacoma, an international vision

The report on activities, which are increasingly oriented towards foreign countries, was presented at the General Assembly. Promotional missions and collective exhibitions in America, Africa and Asia, and a growing commitment to incoming foreign businesspeople at Italian exhibitions. Economic studies and dissemination activities for emerging markets and technical dossiers aimed at EU regulations were part of the federations's work in 2022 and are already planned for the current year
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Agricultural mechanisation, global market variables

On 3 July, as part of the FederUnacoma Generale Assembly, a conference was held on 'Beyond the economic situation: planning activities, planning investments'. At the centre of the speeches were the challenges posed to agro-mechanical companies by the new economic-productive structures created by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine
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The agriculture to come: FAO trends for the 2023-2032 decade

Global agricultural production is estimated to grow by 1.1% over the next years. According to FAO and OECD, this increase will not compensate for the growth in demand (+1.3% by 2032). Productivity, innovation and decarbonisation the key factors for ensuring food security

Summer 2023, the Agrilevante worksite

With the allocation of exhibition space and the arrangement of themed areas and facilities for demonstration activities and conferences, the international Agrilevante exhibition has completed its most important organisational phase. Held at the Bari fairgrounds from 5 to 8 October...

Gardening: declining market in the first half-year

The market for gardening and landscaping machinery and equipment ends the first half of the year on a downward trend. Sales figures - processed by the Comagarden manufacturers' association on the basis of the Morgan survey network - indicate a...

The agility of the Ma.Tra.300

BCS expands its range of professional landscaping machines with the Ma.Tra.300 mower, a professional hydrostatic model. The new arrival is a self-propelled machine built by the Abbiategrasso (Milan) company's technicians to be used both in cleaning and reclamation operations, and...

AEO certification, a key to success in international markets

Last May, the European Commission presented a reform project that will lead to closer coordination between European customs. The new rules provide for greater digitalisation of customs processes that will also benefit businesses

Exports, the fast track for European companies

The most recent free trade agreements signed by the EU with non-European countries provide a simplification of customs procedures for European companies. This is achieved thanks to the figures of the authorized exporter and the exporter registered to the REX system

RuralBioUp, a European project to promote bioeconomy

The project was launched in October 2022 to support the growth of bioeconomy and related supply chains, involving twelve partners in nine different countries. Italy, where three of the nine regional hubs under the project will be activated, has been assigned a leading role

Mechanized olive harvesting. High performance and gentle processing

Increasingly advanced machines have now broken new ground for highly productive and product-friendly harvesting. Synergy with harvesters greatly facilitates the development of technology

Quality and productivity in haymaking using proper mechanization

Timely intervention and the need to reduce losses and preserve forage from pollution with soil or other unwanted materials have driven manufacturers to develop highly productive haymaking machinery equipped with interesting technological solutions

Mechanized maintenance of river banks

The tractor's multifunctionality, and of course, its related implements, involves urban and suburban landscaping manintenance. The bank management of ditches, canals and rivers occupies a prominent role within this activity. In this context, a delicate balance must be maintained between hydraulic safety and environmental protection

Evion: the new Claas compact combine series

News at Claas with the expansion of the low-power combine range. These are the Evion series, 410, 430 and 450, three five-walker combines with power ratings from 204 to 258 hp. Evion 430 and 450 can be supplied in Classic...

Haymaking, new products from Kuhn

This year Kuhn presented a number of new products for the haymaking sector, which joined the traditional top models in the French manufacturer's range. FC 1015 Series. It marks the debut of a new vertically folding model with a working...

Robotour, at Landini's REX4 event

The innovative RoboShift transmission, designed and built by Argo Tractors for the Landini REX4, was the focus of the RoboTour initiative. The event, attended by 500 operators in the agricultural sector, took place between May and July at Agriturismo Vitae...

Matermacc seeders tested on the field

Information digitization, organic farming and precision farming. These were the topics central to the Matermacc 2023 Campus held last July in the Friulian countryside of San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) in front of an audience of specialized journalists, farmers, customers...

Argo Tractors, getting smarter technologies

McCormick Farm is the name of the new App developed by Argo Tractors - a multinational company based in Fabbrico (RE) that designs, manufactures and distributes Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brand tractors all over the world - for McCormick Stage...

Quality work with the Mergento F 4010 Aplin rake

New developments are coming to the haymaking segment. In this segment, the Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger - headquartered in Grieskirchen, not far from the German border - is offering a machine designed for working in the mountains, the Mergento F 4010...

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