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Trimble displays: intuitive, durable, versatile

by the editorial staff
December 2022 | Back

Trimble's new GFX-1260 and GFX-1060 displays in the spotlight at EIMA International. Intuitive and easy to use, thanks to the Precision-IQ interface, the GFX-1260 and GFX-1060 are quick to install and can be used on many types of vehicles without any compatibility problems. Thanks to their sturdy construction, the GFX are able to withstand a wide range of field work situations, from dust and rain to strong vibrations created by rough terrain. 

Trimble's new displays are based on Android technology and process data at more than twice the speed of previous generations, making it easier to handle even the most complex farm work and adding precision and efficiency to all operations. The user can easily set up and configure all equipment through Trimble's Precision-IQ app, which manages functions such as manual, assisted and automatic guidance, application and section control, mapping and data logging, ISOBUS compatibility, and internet and app access, the company explains in a note.

In addition, the GFX-1260 and GFX-1060 displays are compatible with the NAV-500 and NAV-900 guiding controllers, the latter controller allowing a high-precision (2.5 cm) 'out of the box' correction system, i.e. with 1 year's use of the Centre Point RTX signal.

The GFX-1060 is a 10-inch (25.6 centimetres) display and offers a faster processor, more RAM and storage capacity, updated Android operating system, upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality and an added co-processor for security, and inputs for two external cameras. The GFX-1260 display has very similar features to the 1060 but is distinguished by its 12-inch (30.7 centimetres) format, making it a candidate to become one of the American manufacturer's top-of-the-range displays.

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