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Trimble TeamViewer: field service control

by Patrizia Menicucci
May - June 2021 | Back

Trimble Agriculture - the primary sector division of the US-based data acquisition and processing group - has entered into a new partnership with TeamViewer, a leading global provider of state-of-the-art remote software solutions.

Thanks to this agreement, Trimble devices - such as the TMX-2050, GFX-750 and GFX-350 displays, Android technologies designed for precision agriculture - can be remotely controlled and managed directly in the field, so that any technical problems can be quickly resolved and the machine can get back to work.

Until now, Trimble technicians have been able to remotely intervene and view the data from the various displays in action, but they couldn't take control and had to guide the user to try and fix the problem. Instead, now they can make the necessary changes directly and in real time, reducing service time and making it more efficient.

"For example, the operator may have difficulty adapting the settings of the tool he is using," explains Matteo Zucchelli, Trimble sales manager, in a note, "and simply by connecting his phone via Wi-Fi to the control display he can open TeamViewer and be supported by a technician who will take over to make the diagnosis and provide the solution. Keep in mind that Trimble's products include guidance and steering systems; level, levelling and drainage control; flow and application monitoring; irrigation; harvesting solutions; desktop and cloud data management and correction services.

Trimble, which is present in Italy through Vantage Italia, incorporated long ago Müller-Elektonik, a German company with a production focus on equipment control systems, which has further strengthened its know-how in precision farming.

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