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Anno 2015 Numero 3-4

March - April 2015

Agrishow in Brazil, winning agricolture

Agro-food activities in Brazil, expected to be one of the leading countries attending EXPO 2015, has been confirmed as one of the world's majors in the sector. Agrishow combines traditional trade fair exhibition and practical processing trials an interesting showcase for learning about the event

DNA of the Agribusiness is the slogan set for the 22nd edition of the Agrishow International Trade Fair of agricultural technologies in the field scheduled for April 27th to May 1st in Brazil. The site is Ribeirão Preto in the state of São Paulo considered the agricultural capital of the country specializing in the cultivation of sugar cane associated with the production of Pro-Álcool, an alternative fuel widespread in the country. The city is thus ideal for hosting the event which confirms the validity of the trade fair format years after year which includes a wide range of dynamic activities to flank the classic static exhibition. Agrishow is organized by BTS Informa and sponsored by the principle Brazilian institutions in the sector – ABAG, the agribusiness association, Abimaq, the association of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers, Anda, the fertilizer promotion association, the Faesp agency which represents the livestock sector, and the SRB Rural Society. Agrishow is coming along as one of the world’s major events on agricultural processing starged on an area of 100 hectares featuring agricultural machinery and equipment at work on various crops, from coffee and sugar cane to beans and maize. In 2014, Agrishow took over 440,000 m² and attracted the participation of 800 exhibitors and 160,00 business people from 71 countries all over the world to provide those involved in the agricultural economy on any scale and type with the opportunity to find suitable new innovation products and services thanks to the ample range of offerings of the exhibitors present. The exhibition brings together machinery and equipment for precision farming, irrigation and livestock raising and related components; aircraft, seeds, fertilizers, storage silos and commercial vehicles of all types, trucks, buses and aircraft, as wall as machinery for construction, prefabrication, logistics, IT products and services and activities focused on research and specialized publications. Agriculture is a locomotive sector in Brazil which is also a highly important mechanization market.

The high point for tractor sales came in 2013 with 60,000 units sold, a level reached in part thanks to govenment financing provided for small family farming enterprises. Sales in 2014 are expected to have slipped to the 2010/2012 level to 55,000, one third of them with rated power of below 100 HP.

The agricultural mechanization market in Brazil is still counting on financial contributions still linked to the acquisition of machinery and equipment made in the country mainly a facilitated financing formula. With this incentive program in place, the renewal of the machinery inventory has been made possible to allow a transition of machinery age from 12 years down to 9 years from 2004 to 2013. The outlook for 2015 is a possible decline in sales by 5% to 10% due to general economic conditions in the country and in the field of industry (data ICE/Agrievolution). Italian agricultural machinery exports to Brazil in 2014 declined by 8% for tractors and by 17.6% for other types of machinery compared to the previous year for overall sales at € 30.7 billion, greater, however, by more than 33% over those reported for 2012.

Italian agricultural machinery manufacturers are taking part in Agrishow in a collective organized by ICE, the Italian Export Promotion Agency, in cooperation with FederUnacoma.

The 19 exhibitors in the group will be hosted in a central area of the trade fair grounds,  Pavilhão Italia, Stand D2C, on an area of 900 m². FederUnacoma will have an institutional stand available for the federation members, business people and others for assistance and information on the federation’s activities.

The Brazilian agro-food sector will also take part as a leading player in the EXPO 2015 Universal Exposition in Milan with a 4,000 m² pavilion dedicated to the theme Eliminate Hunger from the World with Solutions with the aim of dissemination information on research and production models in the field of agro-food.

There will be three guidelines provided: technology for illustrating the reliability of countries as partners for innovation projects; cultural for underscoring the plurality of countries through different types of food production and current culinary practices; social for the democracy of food by guaranteeing universal access and sufficient and healthy nutrition.  

by Patrizia Menicucci

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