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Anno 2019 Numero 10

October 2019

Antonio Carraro, technologies for Mediterranean agriculture

At Agrilevante, Antonio Carraro deploys all the bestsellers in its range. Let’s start with the model TRX 5800, a steering reversible supercompact with 50 horsepower, ideal for orchards and vineyards, but also recommended for the park maintenance and urban uses. Agile in tight spaces (thanks to the short wheelbase and very tight turning radius), the TRX 5800 comes with a 16+16 mechanical gearbox equipped with a synchronized reverser. The ACTIOTM frame and 4-wheel drive ensure constant stability and traction, while the reversible drive and high ergonomics facilitate the operator’s work with considerable time and fuel savings. Among the pluses of this Antonio Carraro model is compatibility with a wide range of equipment to carry out all the most important specialized processes.

TGF 10900 R is a unidirectional steering tractor equipped with expanded rear wheels from the R series (98 horsepower Kubota engine). With its height to the bonnet and the driver’s seat, it is one of the lowest specialized tractors in the 100 horsepower class; this characteristic, combined with its low centre of gravity, its compact size and its sharp profile, gives the machine great manoeuvring agility. This is why the TGF 10900 R gives its best in under-tree tasks inside orchards (including “Y” shaped), vineyards (including canopy style) and greenhouses, especially in the presence of narrow rows or dense vegetation. The large 18, 20 or 24 inch rear wheels (the front ones have a smaller diameter) allow very narrow turns, useful in the return between one row and another. TGF is available in 3 versions: 71, 85 and 98 horsepower.

SX 7800 S/ 9900. This is a specialized equal-wheeled tractor with a one-way articulated frame, designed for operations in the narrow spaces typical of specialized agriculture. Its sharp profile, soft lines of the bodywork and compact size provide manoeuvring agility even in areas with thicker vegetation. In addition, the articulated frame and narrow track enhance the ability to manoeuvre in the tightest spaces. There are two engines envisaged by the Campodarsego brand (Padua): 71 and 85 horsepower.

MACH 4 R. Power and performance are at home on this four-track vehicle (it has 4 rubber tracks) with articulated frame and reversible drive. Powered by a 4-cylinder Kubota that delivers 98 horsepower, the MACH 4 R is able to work on difficult terrain with extreme slopes, with a slippery surface or in wet conditions. The rubber tracks create a “floating effect” that guarantees stability and grip to the machine. The Antonio Carraro four-track vehicle is prized for the minimal soil compacting (“less trampling than a man”, assures the manufacturer), for the manoeuvring agility (articulated frame and steering geometries allow for very tight curves), providing a level of comfort that is very close to that of a tractor with tyres. Furthermore, MACH 4 R is approved for road circulation at 40 kilometres per hour.

TR 7600 Infinity. The hydrostatic steering equal-wheeled tractor with reversible drive, powered by a 75 hp Kohler, is one of the most award-winning models in the Antonio Carraro range. TR 7600 Infinity has been awarded the “Technology Innovation Award” of the 2019 edition of Eno­vitis in Campo and is preparing to win the Technical Innovation Award at Agrilevante 2019. The great strength of this machine designed for specialized agriculture and civil maintenance is represented by the hybrid mechanical/hydrostatic transmission with automatic transmission, which offers infinite speed ranges and great operating comfort (the operator does not need to use the clutch). This feature is particularly useful for jobs that require quick and continuous back-and-forth movements, for slow and precision movements, and for all those situations that require sudden accelerations.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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