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Antonio Carraro: the new Tora series in the spotlight

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2021 | Back

The Bologna exhibition centre will be showcasing all the prized pieces of the Antonio Carraro collection, but above all, the new Tora Series equipped with Stage V four-cylinder Yanmar engines with power ratings of 52 and 66 Hp. The range is made up of five multifunctional models, super compact, isodiametric or with oversized rear wheels and "orchard" configuration, offered in different versions, with ACTIOTM articulated oscillating frame or with steering wheels, one-way or equipped with reversible steering on RGSTM revolving turret with roll-bar or cab.

On this line of machines, which can be combined with complex equipment such as inter-row machines, topping machines and hydraulic equipment for vineyards (thanks to the increase in hydraulic flow rates with adjustable continuous flows), the Veneto-based company has implemented the gearbox (16+16), the PTO and the platform of the driver's seat, which has been redesigned to optimise interior space (and therefore comfort) without affecting the particularly compact external dimensions and footprint.

The first model in the Tora Series, the SRX 5800/6800 - an articulated, reversible specialised tractor, available in 5800 (52 Hp) and 6800 (66 Hp) versions - made its debut at the EIMA Digital Preview last November, where it was awarded the 2021 Technical Innovation prize. The redesigned internal dimensions, high-performance hydraulics, reversible steering and cab were the main features that convinced the jury. But the jury also appreciated the machine's agility in manoeuvring (thanks to its articulated frame and very narrow steering angle) and the mechanical transmission with synchronised reverse shuttle and 16 forward gears (the same number in reverse). Another trump card of the SRX 5800/6800 is the reversible steering system, which widens the range of operations compatible with this machine, making it an ideal working tool for vineyards, orchards, nurseries, municipalities and greenhouse cultivation (especially berry cultivation).

Another strong point of this tractor is its manoeuvring agility in tight spaces, made possible by its compact size (external width up to 99 cm) and short wheelbase, while the configuration with overhanging engine - made possible by the ACTIO chassis - and the four-wheel drive with isodiametric wheels guarantee a stable set-up with constant traction in all working conditions, especially on slopes.

The 540/540E independent PTO is available with Plus and Normal engagement ramps that can be selected from the cluster, while the load-sensing hydraulic system with 51 l/min oil pump is equipped with five double-acting spool valves that allow the tractor to be combined with different types of equipment for the total management of rows with inter-row and under-canopy operations. The rear lifting power is 2,200 kg, which is also suitable for combined seed drills for green manure work. The new Tora Series tractors can be configured - on request - with the new Hydraulic Remote Control multi-control device for hydraulic utilities, which provides the total management of implements, and with a front power lift with adjustable arms and quick couplings.

An integral part of the multi-functionality of the Tora, SRX (articulated) and TRX (steerable) reversibles is the new RGSTM Rev-Guide System (patented), the AC reversible steering system on a rotating turret which, combined with the high ergonomics of the controls, makes work easier by improving precision and quality of execution. The system allows the operator to reverse the driving direction in just a few seconds for professional work with trailed or front-mounted implements. The new RGSTM incorporates the shuttle and gear controls in the dashboard, which rotate 180° degrees together with the turret to reverse the working direction. It is the only turret on the market that places the mechanical gear controls on the steering wheel. For this reason, this solution is protected by patent.


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