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Cima heads, versatility and performance

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October 2021 | Back

Cima presents itself at EIMA International 2021 with important technological innovations designed for vineyard work, especially for those with particularly difficult operating conditions. It starts with the new Green Hug distribution header, custom-designed for Series 55 sprayers, the flagship of the Cima range.

The Green Hug head - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - delivers an air flow rate that guarantees uniform coverage of the plant wall and the necessary penetration even in the presence of large leaf masses and in windy areas. First of all, the frame has been designed to allow the two arms to be adjusted from the cab of the tractor thanks to the two-piston hydraulic system.

This device not only opens the two arms independently and adapts their width to 2 to 3 metre rows, but also closes them during transfers. A third, optional, piston adjusts the height of the upper hands to 4 swivelling diffusers to ensure a uniform coverage of the entire plant wall. Green Hug makes it possible to treat both sides of the two rows at the same time, ensuring a uniform coverage, time savings, and above all a targeted treatment capable of reducing the drift effect and the resulting loss of product. Remaining in the header sector, Cima is also launching the Power Blow model, equipped with superior "cannons" that optimise treatment control by delivering a high air flow rate and ensuring complete coverage of the vegetation.

Designed to work between rows of up to 3 metres, even in windy conditions, Power Blow is offered with a hydraulic movement device that makes the distribution system highly versatile, as it allows the "cannons" to be oriented and their width adjusted directly from the driver's seat.

The header is equipped with two lower hands with four diffusers and two intermediate hands with two diffusers (optional for treating vegetation exceeding two metres). This configuration makes it possible to carry out treatments in alternating rows.



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