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EIMA 2018, a new landscape in the Bologna Trade Fair

The 43rd edition of the agricultural mechanization will feature the launch of Pavilions 28-29 and 30 and the format for decor will make it easier to recognize the theme salons. Strong video panels in the exposition grounds will signal orientation for the visitors expected to arrive from 150 countries

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

The 2018 edition of the EIMA will present attractive settings not only due to the depth of ranges and models in more than more than one thousand merchandise categories and the quality of the 28 new prize winning technologies and 45 Honorable Mention technologies awarded in the FederUnacoma Official New Technologies competition, plus the great number of exhibitating industries, up to 1,950, and the impact of the scenographic surroundings. Many new important features will be on show in the Bologna Trade Fair quarters beginning with Pavilions 28, 29,30 and the 29-30 hall, totally rebuilt according to new and functional architectural plans which mark the completion of an ambitious project for the revision of the Bologna fair grounds. These plans include the construction of new pavilions, the complete requalification of the old pavilions and other facilities. The new Pavilions 28, 29, 30 and hall 29-30 are distinguished by their great expanses of glass featuring avant garde construction as showcases for major machinery sectors, the storage of products and machinery for livestock raising and plant treatment. Near the North trade fair entry are new structures certain to catch the eyes of visitors arriving providing much improved comfort created through the quality criteria applied for the planning. The FederUnacoma organizer reported, “Beyond the impact of the new structure’s esthetics, this year’s EIMA International is providing a landscape never seen before thanks to the decorations brought in for the theme salons. The Green Salon dedicated to machinery and equipment for gardening is using livery green which means that the outside color will make the salon immediately recognizable.”

Orange was the color selected for the EIMA Components Salon focused in mechanical parts, spare parts and accessories. For the Energy yellow was applied for the salon on technologies for the management of biomass for the generation of bio-energy. Then the Idrotech Salon, a new EIMA entry this year, is in blue. Thus the EIMA exposition will be more accommodating for visitors this year with more rational logistics due to the strong video signal panels of intuitive visuals capturing the attention of the public of business people, farmers, contractors and mechanical technicians from 150 countries.


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