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EIMEIMA International, 2016 edition all sold out

The entire Bologna trade fair center has already been allocated for the 42nd edition of the international exposition of agricultural machinery more than six months ahead of the opening. In spite of the addition of seven prefabricated pavilions to permanent facilities, it will no longer be possible to meet the requests for exhibition space still coming in from industries in the sector. Other than the Italian industries, manufacturers are arriving from Germany, France, the United States, Spain, Turkey and China for an event featuring exhibitors from 43 countries and expectations of visitors from 140 countries

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The first pha­se of the organization of EIMA International dealing with the demand for participation has been completed and the second phase has started, assigning the stands and optimizing exhibition areas in the trade fair quarters. The 42nd edition of the EIMA review – one of the world’s most prestigious events in agricultural mechanical engineering, grounds keeping and the associated components sector sche­duled for November 9th to 13th in Bologna – has raced through requests for participation arriving from national and international manufacturing industries to virtually commit the entire exposition area available. Six months ahead of the start, 95% of the 150,000 m² net, and 375,000 m² overall, have already been assigned and for some sectors a waiting list has been opened. Beginning now is laying out the plans in the pavilions for the exhibiting companies and work on furnishings to ensure the most rational utilization of the areas. To make room for some 1,900 companies taking part, seven temporary pavilions will be added to the 18 permanent pavilions and outdoor areas will be equipped for demonstration trials. With this level of participation, and considering that the most recent edition in November 2014 drew record crowds of 236,000 business people, this year’s agricultural machinery exposition is certain to carry a highly significant impact on Bologna, economically as well as for logistics, requiring city authorities, agencies and transport infrastructure to come up with plans for strengthening services for visitors. The logistics and system for welcoming all those arriving to the trade fair for the upcoming edition will take on greater importance in light of the event’s increasing internationalization. Among the exhibiting companies taking part, 460 industries are coming from 43 countries. Data compiled by the Events Office of FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, signal that this EIMA International will be seen by business people as a truly global review, a point of reverence for companies and business for all countries around world, from Europe and Usa historically leading the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment, on to the numerous emerging countries now entering the competition on international markets. At present, among the exhibitors arriving are 40 industries from France, more than 60 from Germany, some 60 from Spain, 30 from the United States and a large number of participating industries from such countries as Turkey, more than 90, China, about 140, and 20 from India. Events Office statistics point to increases in request in such areas as Sector IV Working Seeding and Fertilization, Sector V Plant and Crop Protection and Sector VIII machinery for First Processing and Conservation of Products.  Other gains are indicated for requests for exhibition space across all 14 specialized sectors the exposition is divided into as well as for the four theme salons dedicated to components, EIMA Components, bioenergy, EIMA Energy, gardening and grounds keeping, EIMA Green, and multi-functional agriculture, EIMA M.i.A.  



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