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Handy and powerful 9580 C rotary rake by Kverneland

by Giacomo Di Paola
November 2015 | Back

Agritechnica hosts the new Kverneland 9580 C rotary rake, proposed with hydraulically adjustable working width between seven and eight metres (producing a swath width between 1.2 and 2.2 metres), and twelve tine arms on each rotor. Equipped with a particularly sturdy frame and a ProLine gearbox in oil bath, with 8 fixed and 4 removable tine arms, Model 9580 is a versatile application that is notable for its reliability and high operational performance. These characteristics, plus the broad working width and the particular ease of transport (the size of the machine when closed is very compact), make the Kverneland 9580 C rotary rake a working tool suitable for professional uses. Among other things, the new design of the axle allows the standard mounting of 380/55 tyres without impacting either the width (2.75 metres during the transport phase) nor the height of the machine (less than 4 metres even with all tine arms fitted). All operations of opening and closing the rotary rake can be managed directly from the driver's seat, through the arm-closing command. Moreover, thanks to the new attachment head with 80° steering connected to the rear axle, you get a high manoeuvrability both on the road and in the field. In addition to opening the arms, the user can also manage the swath width from the driver's seat. Among the others strengths of the new Kverneland model, it is worth mentioning the steering axles, which ease the passage in tight corners during transport, and the Terralink Quattro system that allows the rotor arms to flex and adapt to the ground, thus leaving a clean and uniform swath.

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