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Intelligent transmission for Valtra's new T Series

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

The historic Finnish brand is coming to EIMA International in grand style for the presentation of the new corporate identity, revised graphics and a pay-off slogan, Your Working Machine, as well as for unwrapping the new generation completely redesigned T Series. These tractors are powered at 155 to 250 HP  with torque on up to 1000Nm to guarantee the strength necessary for the completion of the most demanding operations. The three T Series models now on the market are the Direct, the Versu and the Active, with Powershift transmissions and load sensing hydraulics on the Direct and Versu versions. A fourth model, the HiTech, will go into production in the coming year. Among the strong points of the Versu, Active and the HiTech to come is the innovative use of their Powershift transmissions with 20 speeds in four ranges plus another 10 in the creeper range because the clutch is engaged only for starting the engine. The brakes manage also the clutch when AutoTraction is engaged to make it easy for the operator to use only the accelerator and brake pedals to operate the tractor to control engine regime and driving speed, as in the case of the continuous variable Direct transmission. Valtra said, “The automatic system is very advantageous, especially when towed implements are mounted on the PTO, because the operator can activate the Powershift system and regulate speed simply to applying the accelerator pedal. This allows the driver to have his hands free to manage the tractor-implement combination.” Moreover the Finnish manufacturer’s Powershifts also provide a full hill holder function, for an assisted uphill start-up, and a servo mechanism designed to facilitate the work of the loader through the management of the hydraulics combined with the transmission and engine. For the T Series motorization these models are driven by AGCO Power Tier IV engines with SCR technology which cleans exhaust emissions while optimizing engine performance. The range of these power plants go from 6.6 liters up to the vigorous 7.4 liter model. 


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