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Landini Series 7-230 Robo-Six: design and performance

by Fabrizio Sereni
March 2020 | Back

In the Landini exhibition rooms, attention was entirely dedicated, the Series 7-230 Robo-Six tractor, which, presented as a world preview to the Fieragricola’s general public, fully met the visitors’ expectations. Moreover, on its top of the range, the Fabbrico team has introduced numerous innovations starting from the fuel system.

The engine is a 6.7-liter, 225-horsepower 24-valve engine with DOC and SCR technology for the treatment of exhaust gases; an engine that - as explains the manufacturer with a technical note - ensures absolute level performance and driving comfort. In the sign of comfort, there are also the Eazysteer function for electronic steering modulation, proposed in combination with the satellite guide (signed Topcon Agriculture) and the cab suspension system, which allows to adjust the rigidity thanks to the absorption of shocks and vibrations (mechanically or through the electro-hydraulic Semi-Active anti Damping device).

Engine Break technology, on the other hand, uses the throttle valve of the turbocharger to reduce the number of engine revolutions by simultaneously activating the engine brake and the rear brakes.

To adjust the braking, as well as the tractor’s progress, the operator has to do nothing but act on the brake pedals (they also act as a de-clutch) while the Stop & Action device ensures that the Series 7 Robo-Six runs smoothly comparable to that of a continuously variable gearbox.
Auto Powershift (APS) also contributes to optimizing gear management, which ensures the optimal and automatic change of range and gear thanks to speed-matching and load control. Another 7 Series’s key point is the captivating design in perfect Landini style.
The new hood lines are streamlined and distinct; the cabin lighting system is also new with 12 LED headlights positioned on the roof harmonizing with the machinery renewed aesthetics. The new Landini 7-230 Robo-Six Series - explains the Fabbrico company - is proposed on the market with two types of equipment: Active with entry-level equipment, and Dynamic offering high specifications.

In particular, the Dynamic stands out for the CCLS closed-center hydraulic system of 123 l/min (160 l/min as an option), proposed with a maximum of eight electro-hydraulic distributors and with a three-way flow divider capable of managing three hydraulic movements using a single distributor. The Dynamic set-up also includes a 12” DSM touch screen monitor, capable of managing a rear/front camera, and the Advanced HMF management device.


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