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Anno 2017 Numero 10

October 2017

The "Mediterranean" tractors branded by Antonio Carraro

At the Agrilevante's event, the Paduan company will exhibit a wide range of tractors specifically designed to meet the Mediterranean agricultural needs and grounds. These isodiametric machines are characterized by their maneuverability and their remarkable operational versatility

Antonio Carraro’s focus, at the Bari’s event, will be on the super compact tractors for the Mediterranean agriculture. First, will be the Tigre 4000 model, a versatile isodiametric 31 horsepower steering tractor powered by a responsive three-cylinder Yanmar engine (maximum torque at 1700 rpm) that replies, at a micro level, all the top of the range features of the Paduan company:  Actio Chassis with oscillation, low centre of gravity, ergonomic driver’s seat, cozy also to get on board.

These strong points, combined with a “sleek” styling - suited, therefore, to move through the woods – and a low front end (for a good front-facing visibility), make Tigre 4000 the ideal working tool for maintaining and cultivating farm areas, vegetable gardens and greenhouses.  The turning radius is only 2,870 mm, while the hood has a large iron greed to optimize the heat exchange. Finally, there are the 540 revolutions per minute PTO, synchronized with the different gear speeds, and its lifting capacity up to 850 kg.

Antonio Carraro recommends the T Major series to work on hillsides, even though the performance is amazing also on flat grounds.

The T Major models can have either steering or articulated chassis, isodiametric wheels or larger rear wheels. The Actio chassis is one of the main trademark of the company located in the Veneto region, and it ensures to the T Major series as well, the best weight distribution over all four drive wheels, as well as grip, stability and safety. The tractors have both an independent PTO and a synchronized 12+12 speed gearbox with inverter. The lifting technology is, on the other hand, based on a draft position and control lift with combined adjustment.

As regard the articulated narrow tractors sector, the spotlight is on the SN V Major, the isodiametric articulated chassis SN of the Major series.

It is a user friendly, stable and highly productive tractor that stands out for being an ideal mixture of ergonomics, reliability and versatility. Its solid and responsive design allows to perform among the vegetation and the close rows, and is characterized by smooth lines and wrap-around fenders and flush sides, while the articulated chassis minimizes the turning radius of the tractor. SN V Major provides the user with as much freedom of choice as possible concerning the hydraulic system, the lifting system and the tyre sets. SN is available with two engines: SN 5800 V with a 4 cylinders Yanmar 2188 cc 50 Hp and SN 6400 V with a 3 cylinders VM 2082 cc 56 Hp.

Still in the isodiametric area, SX Ergit S tractor has an articulated unidirectional chassis that, thanks to its articulated chassis and its narrow size, makes it fit for the close spaces among apple orchards and vineyard, where it stands out for the easily way it deals with the rows. Its tapered shape gives the tractor high-agility movements, while its soft lines and small size allows it to perform among the thickest woods. Equipped with four-wheel drive of the same size – that guarantees constant grip and traction in all operating conditions – SX Ergit has a wide engine compartment with hive-like grille that eases the maintenance services. Antonio Carraro offers this tractor with two different engines: the 7800 S’s 71 Hp, and the stronger 9900 S’s 89 Hp.

by the editorial staff

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