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Trincione 290 Argini, compactness and reliability

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2022 | Back

The Trincione 290 Argini is one of the flagships of the Paduan company Ceccato Olindo, which has its headquarters in Arsego di San Giorgio delle Pertiche. Founded in the late 1800s and initially active in the ironworking sector, the Veneto-based company specialised over the years in the design and production of machines for agriculture, gardening and forestry. Ever since the first models produced in the Arsego San Giorgio delle Pertiche factory, the strategy followed by Ceccato Olindo has been to focus on the quality of materials, managing all the different phases of the production cycle of its models in-house, from design to factory processes.

The Trincione 290 Argini fits right into this tradition; a tradition that has allowed the Padua-based manufacturer to market its range in more than 70 countries. The mulcher - the company explains in a technical note - is a compact, solid and light single-body machine, designed for cleaning the banks of rivers and ditches. Suitable for working on grassy material, the Trincione 290 Argini, already successfully presented at EIMA International, has an internal box and can be used with a homokinetic cardan shaft.

The electronically balanced rotor is equipped with 0.3-kilo hammers, with an adjustable idler roller, and with serially adjustable skids.

Two lengths are provided by the manufacturer - 1,200 and 1,400 millimetres - while the weight varies from 205 to 217 kilo.


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