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Tritone Big Cingo, the new Ceccato Olindo biochipper

by Patrizia Menicucci
May - June 2022 | Back

The Tritone Big Cingo tracked biochipper is one of the latest new products brought to market by Ceccato Olindo, a company based in San Giovanni delle Pertiche (PD) and active in the agricultural machinery sector since 1889. The machine is equipped with an 11.7 Hp Honda combustion engine and is designed for professional use with a capacity for shredding large volumes of brushwood with a maximum diameter of 8 cm, and a cutting mass of 460 mm in diameter, two front blades, ten shredding blades and two counter-blades.

The input of plant waste is facilitated by a large loading hopper, and the final product can be further reduced in size thanks to optional refining sieves. The features of the tracked wagon are particularly noteworthy, on which the chipper is mounted, which moves independently and is fitted with a 4.8 Hp Honda engine, with a 4-speed gearbox (3 forward plus reverse) with a mechanical transmission equipped with releases and integrated brake. The wagon can work with a maximum slope of 20 per cent. As an alternative to the chipper, the wagon can be fitted with a box (closed size: 90x73x32) - extendable and foldable, which can be easily used in the various versions directly by the user - that transforms the machine into a motorised wheelbarrow. It is then possible to place the box on the ground and lift it up using the special legs, so as to have a container for the wood chips during processing.

Tritone Big Cingo, manufactured in compliance with all EU work safety regulations, has a total weight of 350 kg, and thanks to its low cost for a professional machine, it is also an interesting solution for hobbyists. Ceccato Olindo is very active on social media to promote its products and share its various activities with followers, such as, recently, the donation to its municipality of the Tritone Monster professional cardan biochipper for urban work.

The machines of the Padua-based company are characterised by a strongly identifying colour - 'Ceccato red' - which also distinguishes the online shop where it is possible to purchase customised t-shirts, sweatshirts, and various types of hats (


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