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Durable and versatile the MF "5S" tractors

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January - February 2021 | Back

Comfort, manoeuvring agility and a wide view of the work area. These are the strengths of the MF 5S series which sees the debut of five new models designed for the typical operations of livestock farms and for mixed processing, with powers ranging from 105 to 145 horsepower. The advantages of the MF 5S series are, in particular, the applications with the loader: the turning radius of only 4 metres (thanks to the new suspended axle), the high lifting capacity (up to six thousand kilos for the rear linkage, three thousand for the front one), the optimal visibility offered by the driver's seat allows the user to fully exploit - in the field and on the road - the potential of the new tractors. Massey Ferguson's decision to bring the maximum permissible mass of the MF 5S to 9,500 kilos goes precisely in this direction, as it allows you to work safely with larger implements, improving work rates. Among other things, the loader can be applied directly in the factory, to provide the operator with a ready-to-use machine. The new models made by Massey Ferguson are powered by AGCO Power four-cylinder 4.4-litre engines with All-in-One technology; a solution designed not only to meet Stage V emissions regulations, but to extend the useful life of the machine over time and at the same time reduce maintenance costs (oil and fuel filter are now replaced every 600 hours). Another important redesign by the Massey Ferguson technicians involved the engine cooling system, made even more efficient thanks to an improvement in the air flow. Another improvement in efficiency comes from the transmissions, which the manufacturer offers in two versions, semi-powershift 16x16 Dyna-4 or 24x24 Dyna-6. The cabin has undergone significant changes, with solutions aimed at increasing operator comfort. For example, a new HVAC air system was introduced, improving air distribution, allowing operators not only to set and maintain the most comfortable temperature, but also reducing the demisting and defrosting times. In the driver's seat, Massey Ferguson has added a set of additional specifications that vary according to the tractor's equipment. The MF 5S series is available in three different configurations.  The "super-equipped" Exclusive version, whose options include a hydraulic flow of 110 l/min, up to six electro-hydraulic distributors, a hydraulic joystick, the Multipad, the Autodrive transmission, automatic climate control, cab suspension, Superluxe seat with air suspension and Datatronic 5 terminal touchscreen. The Efficient configuration is similar, but features two electric and two mechanical distributors in the rear, standard air conditioning, and an air suspension seat, while the Datatronic 5 terminal becomes an option. The Essential models are equipped with the T-lever instead of the Multipad, with the optional hydraulic joystick and AutoDrive replaced by Speedmatching on the Dyna-4 transmission (58 litre/min hydraulic pump and two rear mechanical distributors, up to four as an option). "The MF 5S Series offers the right choice of power and specifications to suit all applications. Building on the success of the MF 5700 S series - commented Francesco Murro, Massey Ferguson marketing director for Europe and the Middle East - these modern tractors offer simple operation and advanced functionality with low running costs. The MF 5S combines the small size required by livestock farms with the performance and power required for work in the countryside".


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