Information on the mechanization of agriculture, gardening, components and multifunctionality.

EIMA M.i.A. at the center of defending the land

The EIMA M.i.A. Salon features four theme areas, for an interactivities monitors, video displays, conferences and impressive furnishings. The salon is running from November 7 to 11 in Pavilion 18 II in the Bologna trade fair, an initiative organized by Bio Habitat and Biodiversity.Bio in the setting of EIMA International

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back


Hydrogeological disintegration, biodiversity, organic farming and new technologies are the major issues for the EIMA M.i.A. Salon, one of the most anticipated appointments at EIMA International, the great exposition of mechanization for agriculture, forestry, livestock raising, maintenance of greenery and associated components scheduled for November 7 to 11 in Bologna. The salon dedicated to multifunctional agriculture has been organized by the BioHabitat Foundation with the backing and communications of Biodiversity Bio in Pavilion 18 II in the trade fair center with an itinerary planned for conferences for discussions among experts in the field as well as activities for drawing the general public. The impressive furnishings design by the Latifolia Group include a route with clusters of interactivity monitors allowing visitors to gain an understanding of the various issues and ten Info Points

equipped with graphics and videos on the leading salon issues, which look diversified but are associated with the leitmotiv of defending the land and its resources. At the center of the big questions is hydrogeological disintegration, a matter given focus in a display named Chronicle of an Announced Disaster pointing to the most serious emergencies Italy is forced to deal with. These range from climate change to primary urbanization, the management of public green areas and a dual link to the protection of biodiversity. Protecting nature, the arboreal heritage, vegetation from flooding and animals means above all safeguarding the land and, for an example, preserving it from erosion which plays a decisive role in calamities. EIMA M.i.A. will focus on strategies and work on Italy’s and European lands to achieve biodiversity. The defense of biodiversity is connected to the promotion of biological certificates because safeguarding the environment thus also means health and the welfare of consumers in keeping with the reduction of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. A priority objective is that agricultural manufacturers are showing more attention as seen by marketing mechanical means with a wealth for ensuring low impact on the environment. Though biological certification is instrumental for the success of multifunctional agriculture, as explained in another of the salon’s exhibition area, the real point is the synthesis of these issues, disintegration, biodiversity and organic farming, indicate new technologies. Here is the focus on sustainable and renewable energy sources, from solar, windfarms and on to hydraulic geothermics involving interdisciplinary issues on agriculture policies and research on the salon’s schedule of conferences. The organizers explained, “We have created a M.i.A, area of contents with partners and conferences dedicated to the support of ideas and projects with imaginative solutions for the problems inherent in this route, sustainability, agriculture, organic farming and safeguarding biodiversity, issues which cannot be ignored for an understanding of moving ahead in the society.

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