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Faza anniversary: a passion for mechanics

The Umbrian manufacturer is celebrating 125 years of work. A wide range of products and presence on markets has led to the success of this enterprise which thrives on the flexibility of their products and adapting them to the specific requirements of farmers

by the editorial staff
March - April 2015 | Back

The twenty-fifth birthday for Faza Macchine Agricole came along last December 12th in Città di Castello. The company in Umbria, with a workforce of 35 plus more than 100 jobs created, is know for its wide range of machines and equipment for soil preparation, fertilization, haymaking and on to hobby gardening. These human resources make up one of the leading features of the manufacturer as demonstrated by Faza hiring of young people who live in the surrounding area and ensure positive relations between the company and their communities. Faza closed 2014 with sales in growth and is aiming to chalk up an equally positive year in 2015. Fiorenzo Luchetti recalled that it was at the end of the 1980s, after long experience with another company in the sector, “I began this adventure along with Franco Zanganelli and Giovanni Collesi. We put in grit, courage and a pinch of thoughtlessness creating the right conditions for a mix which gave us certainty year after year.” Other than the manufacturer’s presence on the domestic market, Faza Macchine Agricole has consolidated this brand name abroad as well and, thanks to the quality of their products, earmarks 50% of production for exports. “Though twenty years ago the horizon for a company like ours was built only around the national market, today our reference is the global economy,” Luchetti went on to say, “From Russia to Africa, from Eastern Europe to Saudi Arabia, Faza has been able to be a leader thanks to a capacity for study and understanding various markets. Every Faza customer is ‘special’ and every product which comes out of the factory is built according to the requirements requested by the buyer.” He also stressed the point, “Moreover, Faza is an expression of the territory where the the enterprise is located and, in various sectors, has known how to anticipate the trend of the market.” Among the upcoming promotional appointments for Made in Umbria, especially outstanding is the arrival of the Region of Umbria to the Milan 2015 Universal Exposition for a two-week period in the Italian Pavilion from the end of July to the beginning of August. Expo, in fact, is coming in May as an important opportunity for promoting and the raising the profile of the entire region as an occasion not to be missed.


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