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Mondo Macchina, the thirty-year milestone

by Alessandro Malavolti
January 2022 | Back

The magazine Mon­do Macchina/Machinery World, the official publication of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, is thirty years old, and this milestone must be celebrated.

A number of "MW" initiatives will take place during the year to underline the presence of this magazine in the sector's editorial landscape, and to strengthen its relationship with readers, institutions and manufacturers; but above all to emphasise how the magazine's success is the result of a collective effort.

The Federation has invested its own economic and professional resources in this publishing venture, the agricultural, landscaping and components industries ha­ve actively participated with an enormous amount of data and informative notes, advertisers have provided support enabling the magazine to be effectively present "on the market"; and we can therefore say that the thirty-year milestone is truly the result of joint work. In such a difficult context for publishing as the one we have been experiencing for many years now, the longevity of a magazine is already an important indicator of its value, but in MW's case, its development path counts even more.

This magazine - the only one that is entirely bilingual (Italian and English) both in its printed and online versions, with editions also in French, German and Spanish on the occasion of the main foreign trade fair events - has maintained very high circulation figures over the years, and has constantly increased its number of pages and advertising sales.

The editorial choices made by Mondo Macchina - in addition to looking at foreign markets, and reporting on every product segment, from tractors to harvesting machines, from attachments to self-propelled machines, from gardening machines to accessories and mechanical and electronic components - have been the right ones; and the idea of using the magazine as a tool to publicise the countless new products that companies produce with great effort and large investments and that are the basic element for an increasingly effective and competitive presence on the markets has been a winning one.

Our magazine is structured to include articles by researchers and academics, who contribute to spreading a culture of mechanisation, as well as articles on market trends, new ranges, top models, brand stra­tegies, and which put manufacturers in direct contact with businesspeople, farmers, technicians, maintenance staff and every other user segment. This is a task that is more topical than ever, and a challenge that the Federation wants to ta­ckle in the years to come.

In a landscape of generalist infor­mation that often appears fragmented and superficial, the role of the technical press - capable of identifying the priority issues of a sector and guaranteeing the reliability and quality of the content - becomes increasingly important. One more reason to be present with our newspaper, with the same commitment and passion as always.


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