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Anno 2019 Numero 10

October 2019

and Oleo-Mac motor hoes: ergonomic and reliable

Sturdy, reliable, manoeuvrable, easy to use. They are the Efco MZ 2055 K and Oleo-Mac MH 155 K motor hoes distributed in Italy by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia). Intended for preparing the sowing of vegetable gardens and flowerbeds, the new cultivators come with a 46 cm milling cutter (equipped with 3+3 blades) which can be reduced to 32 or 33 centimetres. They are made with materials capable of guaranteeing long lasting durability over time. However, the real plus of the Efco MZ 2055 K and Oleo-Mac MH 155 K models is represented by their ease of use; this characteristic is increasingly popular with private operators, in particular by those in the hobby segment. To satisfy this need, the manufacturer has equipped the two motor hoes with a vertically adjustable handlebar in three positions (so the user can adapt it to his height), with an ergonomic lever for operating the cutter and with an integrated safety system. And that’s not all; also with a view to ensuring the maximum possible level of comfort, the speed regulator with on-off system and the cutter control lever have been positioned within easy reach, making it even easier to operate the machine. Finally, it should be noted that the MZ 2055 K and MH 155 K motor hoes are equipped with a rear transfer wheel, designed to improve the machine’s manoeuvrability. The Efco MZ 2055 K and Oleo-Mac MH 155 K rotary tillers are powered by an 80 cm³ Emak K 300 H OHV engine.


by Giacomo Di Paola

Keywords: Emak Motor Hoes

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