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Anno 2016 Numero 10-11

October - November 2016

Hercules, the professional olive harvester by Campagnola

In the field of facilitated pruning and harvesting, the Bolognese company Campagnola boasts a very consolidated experience (active since 1958), and at EIMA International it proposes an innovative electro-mechanical olive harvester. We are talking about the Hercules model, designed for professional use on plants that are large or with thick foliage, and therefore characterized by a large collection capacity. Equipped with a brushless motor (zero maintenance, assures the manufacturer), the Campagnola olive harvester is fitted with rakes able to work at a speed of 1,150 strokes per minute, which is kept constant by the motor’s electronic management system even when the battery voltage decreases. As for the power supply system, the Bologna company has provided the ability to use either a lithium battery (with a backpack) or common automobile battery (80/90 Ah - 12 V), giving maximum freedom of choice to the operator. Another strength of the Hercules model is the electronic economizer which, in automatic mode, can accelerate the speed of the rakes (as soon as they touch the branches) or slow it down, thus moving to a stage of full operation or of rest depending on the machine’s work requirements. The benefits of the Hercules olive harvester include the long interchangeable teeth (made of carbon), which optimize the penetration between the branches even on plants with thick foliage, and the lightness of the harvesting head (it weighs just 860 grammes) which gives the tool great working agility.


by Fabrizio Sereni

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