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High quality mergers: Sitrex MKS Europe

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

A line of towed applications designed to work the product at high speed on any surface and with any type of forage, always ensuring the best quality of work. They are the MKS mergers, which were presented by Sitrex from Trestina (Perugia) in Eima Show 2018. The models described in the Sitrex catalog are five with working widths ranging from 7.5 to 11.8 meters, all characterized by the strong tubular steel frame and by the pantograph opening system with telescopic rudder (the steering angle is 90°). This building solution has been designed to reduce bulkiness during road transport, and to improve stability during the operational phase. It is worth mentioning the particular design of the rear axle and wheel support, designed by Sitrex technicians to equip the merger with increased wheels and, therefore, to obtain wider swaths. All without weighing on the 2.55 meters required for road transport. Moreover, thanks to the self-steering system, the merger wheels offer optimal response times compared to the tractor (the rear cylinder is controlled by the cylinder located on the rudder by means of a pressurized hydraulic circuit), while the braking system equipped with two friction discs makes the movement more fluid. This reduces vibrations both during the operational and the transport phase. The pressure of the wheels on the ground can be adjusted through a crank, in this way the movement of the product is optimized (also with green fodder) - always with the utmost delicacy - to obtain a well-formed swath in all working conditions. Finally, the swath width adjustment is simple and fast and is independent from the working width.


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