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Sitrex rakes: performance and durability

by Gicomo Di Paola
May - June 2021 | Back

High operating speed and optimum work quality. These are the strengths of the MKS star wheel rakes developed by Sitrex of Trestina (Perugia).

Sitrex MKS series towed star wheel rakes are the ultimate in hay raking. They are designed so that they can be used at a high operating speed, on any terrain and with any type of forage, always ensuring optimum work quality.

The range consists of five models with working widths from 7.50 to 11.80 metres. Transport width 2.55 m. 

Capable of meeting the needs of farms of all sizes. When the work is finished, the machine can be quickly returned to the transport position to minimise downtime. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic self-steering system.

The pantograph opening system with telescopic drawbar reduces the length of the machine during transport and stabilises the rake wings more during work. This reduces the operating cost and increases the life of the machine.

The new design of the rear axle and wheel bracket allows to have large wheels for greater stability.

In the field of rakes, Sitrex can boast an automatic comb model, Basket Rake BR2030, which - as the manufacturer itself explains in a technical note - is popular not only for its operational efficiency and high resistance to mechanical stress, but also for the quality of its work. Thanks to these processes it is possible to obtain clean forage with a reduced presence of pollutants such as stones and earth.

The Basket Rake BR2030's strengths include a controlled flotation system and a variable number of basket revolutions which, together, offer high quality standards to be achieved with both heavy and light swaths. The intuitive remote control interface allows the operator to activate all machine functions (speed of rotation, pick-up width and windrow width), thus enabling quick and precise adjustments even while working.




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