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Highlights of the new Sfoggia seeders

by the editorial staff
October - November 2016 | Back

The seeders are the protagonists on the stand of Sfoggia - Montebelluna (TV) - at EIMA 2016. We start from AIR 3, the brand new pneumatic precision seed drill with variable pitch frame, suitable for planting on prepared ground with minimum tillage. AIR 3 is the evolution of the DISCOVER frame, and compared to the previous model it presents a reduced weight of the beam, a lesser depth of the machine, and fewer telescopic pipes, as well as a strengthened structure. Available in versions with 8 rows 45-75 cm, 8 rows 70-75 cm / 9 rows 45-50 cm, the new drill can be equipped with a fertilizer spreader and a micro-granulator. Furthermore, the transmission can be traditional mechanical, mechanical with gears and drives in the Plus version, or electric with the ELEKTRA DRIVE kit. VENTO SMART is a pneumatic precision seed drill with towed frame, and can work in 8 corn-sunflower rows and 12 soy-beet-rape rows. The frame folds vertically with a road footprint of only 2.5 metres. During transport, VENTO SMART is supported by two wheels, while in the working phase the machine uses 4 support wheels. This feature allows the machine to be towed by a small tractor, decreasing power consumption and soil compaction. The new seeder is a machine suitable for small spaces, thanks to its small size and its steering wheel. The last seeder on display at the booth of the Treviso company is DRILLSEM, a mechanical seed drill for grains. Equipped with a high-capacity hopper and distribution rollers with double wheels, it is suitable for sowing large and small seeds in small quantities. Depending on the requests, it can be fitted with tooth coulters on 2 or 3 rows or single or double disc coulters on 2 rows. The position of the distribution boxes in the bottom of the hopper makes this application also particularly suitable for planting on hills. For coupling with a crawler tractor, it can be accessorized with a hydraulic towing kit. It comes standard with a transmission on both wheels, to give constant motion to the rollers in any soil condition.


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