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New Holland T4 F/N/V, comfort between the rows

by Emanuele Bredice
November 2021 | Back

The new generation of New Holland T4 F/N/V series tractors was unveiled at EIMA. Designed for use in small to medium sized vineyards and fruit farms, the range is now equipped with the Stage V compliant F5C engine. The 80 model has a 3.4-litre, 2-valve engine with DOC and DPF that does not require AdBlue. The others leave the factory with a 3.6-litre, 4-valve engine and Compact Hi-Escr2 aftertreatment system with DOC and SCRoF. Also new is the top of the range, the T4.120 F/N/V, which now offers even higher performance, delivering up to 88 kW/118 Hp.  The T4 F/N/V series comes with a redesigned bonnet, along with the engine layout, so that the entire aftertreatment system can be comfortably housed inside. The low height and compact dimensions increase operator visibility and safety, as well as limiting potential damage to branches when working under the canopy of fruit trees. On the models with ROPS cab, which are also popular for the comfort of the driver's seat (optimal space distribution, wider seats, intuitive controls), the hydraulic system has been perfected and features a new 100 litre per minute hydraulic pump and five pairs of couplings for the auxiliary hydraulic distributors with external power and free flow.  The cab of the T4 F/N/V has been redesigned and includes features from New Holland's top-of-the-range models. New features include a new multi-function display located above the dashboard, which provides real-time information about the tractor and facilitates the setting of functions thanks to an encoder mounted on the right-hand side trim panel. Comfort - says a company note - is provided by the cushioned front axle which ensures a smooth ride. The new windscreen, combined with the lowered bonnet profile, offers a wide view of the working area. Finally, New Holland engineers have completely revamped the cab's man-machine interface, incorporating the most advanced functionality, with the possibility of integrating PLM systems and Agriculture 4.0 technologies.


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