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New Valtra N Series: reduced consumption and maintenance

The new power plants for the Valtra N Series tractors is the 4.4 and 4.9 cylinder AGCO Power Tier 4 Final turning out up to 185 Hp. Also the transmissions have been renewed to provide a Powershift option for driving as if with continuous variation

by Giacomo Di Paola
December 2015 | Back

The fourth generation of Valtra Series N 4-cylinder tractors have just made their debuts on the market with a great number of new technical solutions, beginning with the AGCO Power Tier 4 Final engine rated at a top of 185hp and up to 730 Nm of torque. These  4-cylinder AGCO power plants, responsive and robust, available with displacements of 4.4 liters for the N104, N114 and models N124 and 4.9 liters for the N134, N154 and N174 models, are outstanding not only for performance but also their consumption thanks to  their thrifty SCR Only (selective catalytic reduction) system. Still on the side of performance, certain to be welcomed on the N Series is the Valtra Sigma Power technology which puts out 10 additional hp when the tractor PTO is under load, and the Transport Boost used for transport on the roads. Among the N Series tractors are the N114 and N154 representing the traditional EcoPower models on which the operator can select the normal mode or ECO. A technical note issued by the manufacturer explained the ECO as offering lower engine speed and reaching maximum torque at lowered rpm to cut fuel consumption by up to 10% under the normal driving mode. The driving system is not, however, the only new feature for these 4-cylinder Valta engines which now for the first time can be operated with Powershift as if it were a continuously variable transmission. And then, Powershift tractors are equipped with Automatic Slip Regulator technology derived from the automotive sector and designed to help the driver maintain the best rapport between the fuel flow and traction to avoid damaging the terrain through the use of speed sensors which, if wheel rotations exceed a certain level, control traction limiting engine power. For the transmission, the Valtra delivers various options, the HiTech, Active, Versu and Direct. The first three are equipped with 5-speed Powershift whereas the Direct is continuously variable. Moreover, the Active, Versu and Direct transmissions carry hydraulic plants with load sensors and provide selection options for capacities of 115, 160 or 200 liters/min or 73 or 90 liters/min for the HiTech version. The 3-speed PTO is available as a proportional ground speed PTO preferred by contractors who work mainly on wooded land or on roads. The Valtra cab, available with two or four doors, requires special mention not only for the very low noise level, down to <70 db, but especially for the ample glass surface of up to a maximum of 6.5 m² to ensure excellent visibility in all directions for the operator. For even greater visibility there is a forestry SkyView cab version equipped with big impact-resistant polycarbonate windows fitted with wipers, narrow fenders and a 160 liter fuel tank, compared to standard capacity at 250 liters. Even more strong points for the 4-cylinder Valtras are a turning radius of only 4.5 meters; a 1,665 mm wheelbase which enhances the agility of the tractor when dealing with a front loader; ground clearance as high as 55 cm especially advantageous for working in woods, snow, for plowing, harvesting and other operations in the field; simplified maintenance intervals every 600 hours to reduce the machine’s downtime, especially for work in the high seasons.  


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